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We met when we were in our early twenties and spent years dreaming about one day owning a beautiful chocolate box cottage with a roll top bath, an aga and a fire.

It’s not a thatch!! Welcome to the first non thatched cottage of the series! I am breaking my Christmas “1st December” decorating rule but it’s not my house so it doesn’t count…but please look away if you are not ready to witness a really gorgeous cosy cottage filled with Christmas bliss. Here are a couple of gentle spring summer shots before you avert your eyes.

Vicki and husband Russell bought Wibbly Wobbly Cottage 3 years ago having spent months house hunting but most of their time poring over the details for this cottage. Vicki knew that the commute into London would be impossible but the lure of these glorious Kent tiles was too much so the couple surrendered and booked a viewing. On the way to view it they discovered it was actually very close to a mainline station and therefore commuting would be no problem…

The moment we walked in we fell in love. We actually viewed it at Christmas time, and it felt magical, like a Christmas cottage from a film. We had the warm and fuzzy feeling in our bellies as soon as we stepped inside. I also loved the “wibbly wobbliness” of it, the floors were so wonky I actually had to put my hand out to steady myself! That might put some people off, but I thought it just gave it so much character. Our estate agent was hungover on the day she showed us around, which she admitted afterwards as she was recovering from feeling seasick!

Hall lights from Laura Ashley, Horse from Homesense

Russell insisted that they put an offer in that very afternoon, even though it had been on the market for 4 months and there was no rush, but they were both absolutely smitten!

The cottage was built sometime in the early 1500s, it appears on very early map of the village from the 1530s. At that time, there wasn’t really a village, just land owned by the country estate Hall Place. There was a small group of about 5 cottages (all still standing) for the farmers who looked after the estate and livestock. Rather wonderfully, the village green outside the cottage had livestock roaming on it until the 1960s.

The couple were fortunate that there was very little work to do to the cottage. They have decorated throughout, and dressed it with lots of beautiful antiques and special finds.

The previous owner had done a lot of work to the property, including adding a gorgeous oak orangery. Vicki’s wonderful brother-in-law handmade the dining table from one beautiful piece of beech.

Dining room chairs from https://www.my-furniture.com/

I didn’t begin with a style in mind, I just picked up random antiques and fabrics here and there and plonked them around the house. Now however, I am more organised about what I want to do with the cottage and update room by room at a time. I have some updates to make to the kitchen next which is very exciting.

Vicki struggles to describe her style. “I don’t think it fits into any one category or label. I love highlighting the features of my old house and dressing it with old pieces, interspersed with some new finds. I like a sense of nostalgia and most of all – COSINESS. Cosy is my favourite word”. Perfection! Vicki’s passion and love for old properties sings from every room, couple that with a cosy feel and surely this is the ultimate style for a country cottage?

Vicki has made the most of the gorgeous kitchen by gently lightening the beams to allow as much light as possible whilst maintaining the beautiful character of the property.

Upstairs is also gloriously filled with old beams, wonky floors and a splash of modern luxury in the bathroom.

My favourite item is the bath! I just LOVE having a roasting hot bath at the end of day with a gin and tonic to hand. It’s just bliss. If there’s a wet and rainy weekend I love nothing more than having a hot bath in the middle of the day, then getting into my pyjamas and sitting by the fire afterwards. Nothing feels more indulgent.

Wibbly Wobbly is my dream house in almost every way. However, since we moved here our lives have changed a little and now we are both working from home permanently. So, the dream house is either Wibbly Wobbly with a garden office (currently gathering quotes!) or a slightly bigger version of Wibbly Wobbly! Whatever happens, I know I will always live in an old house. I love old houses with my heart and soul.


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November 29, 2020 at 10:33 am

Oh well this is just absolutely stunning and so very cosy. It looks like it really comes into its own at Christmas. Beautifully modelled to 🐶🐶

Rebecca Lovattreply
November 30, 2020 at 12:20 pm
– In reply to: Karen

It’s so super cosy isn’t it? I just love it! Thank you lovely ladyxxxx

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