Top 5 ways to Embrace Autumn with open hearts and joyous faces…

…I’m trying ok? I am a summer baby, this is not my metier but I am trying to move to the darkside.

Get outside and gather

We don’t have a dog (I am incapable of looking after anything else, I am just not up to the job), I have so far managed to stay firm in the face of a powerpoint presentation by my children as to why dogs are a necessity, I did admittedly have to close my eyes to the cute photos that they found. I have also remained staunchly in the NO camp even though we genuinely are the ONLY family at school MUMMY who don’t have a dog. Thanks pals….although watching the mother of the penulitimate family arrive at school bleary eyed and staring at me before uttering “Don’t do it, just don’t do it” has helped me renew my “I don’t want to clean up sick/poo/ wee have another creature need me, go for walks in the rain and dark and cold and snow and probably ice and storms and hurricanes and tornadoes I expect”.

Because of the lack of dog situation, I do have to force our family to go outside in the Autumn but once the moaning is over (my husband) we have a thoroughly brilliant time. I collect as much hedgerow, berries and brightly coloured leaves as I can, then return rosy cheeked (sometimes purple depending upon blackberries and wind) and soul sparkling to enjoy the warmth of our little cottage.

Gathering autumnal fayre really helps me to acclimitise to the season, I don’t naturally slot into Autumn, I fight it for far too long, but once I pull on my wellies and have a plodge, arms full of reds and yellows, oranges and dark greens, I feel less like mourning and more able to move smoothly into Operation Cosy.

My ex Vogue model basket Mave wowing her retirement catwalk (our muddy lane) with her Autumn wear collection

Autumnal Bedecking

Throw garlands of berries over spare surfaces, conkers in bowls shining brightly, very early berried ivy wrapped into vases, reddening leaves and rosehips into garlands, just bring the gorgeous colours (and poor wildlife – I found an almost suffocated ladybird down my top yesterday, poor love, what a way to almost die – lockdown layer suffocation) inside and relish the changing of the colours.


Getting back to La Aga is a pleasure as the weather turns. Standing next to her warm glow and making homemade soup, shop bought bread (if you have to put it in La Aga then it still counts as cooking), jams, pickles and SO MUCH CRUMBLE. “Mummy please can we use the apples for something other than crumble?” Ok Darlings- stewed apple? “Eugh” Apple Torte “Eugh” Apple crumble cupcakes? “Yay..hang on…isn’t that just apple crumble in separate portions??” Erm…no…?

Dame La Aga when she agrees to perform cooking up a storm with well deserved after a stomp, home made soup, pickled pears and fresh bread.


An absolute necessity in this house..ohhhh because I love the glimmer and romance of candlelight, the cosiness, the relaxing fragrance, the crackle of wick…and we keep having powercuts so also a useful light! But they really do lend an air of cosy relaxation, there is something almost ritualistic in lighting candles, allowing yourself the luxury and time to enjoy something so lovely (or necessary if you are mid meal cooking in the kitchen and suddenly plunged into darkness – 3 times last week…)!

Books and Blankets

Yes, ok, that’s two but in Autumn you can’t have one without the other! Well you can’t in this house, it does tend to get a little fresh (I have been known to surprise delivery men in my several layers topped by saggy but fleecy joggers, fairisle longsocks and fleecelined slippers, scarf wrapped almost to the nose and blanket around shoulders – it’s a strong look but judging by their amazement, I think I carry it off rather well).

Go for a brisk walk, decorate the house, make something delicious, light some candles and then fall into the sofa to munch you way through another blimming crumble whilst tumbling into a wonderful story to carry you away to far off times or heat soaked worlds.

Happy Autumn Lovelies. x

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