The Stable Conversion

The Old Stableblock

This was an old stable block that proved to be a wonderful storage unit for all our rubbish (bikes, scooters, things with wheels from when the children were toddlers that became indiscernible ‘objets’, boxes of old clothes, boxes of indeterminate ‘things’ and gardening equipment). My son has ridden since he was quite small but two years ago his passion for horses escalated so we knew it was time to convert the stables as quickly as possible to avoid returning home to a small muzzle appearing over the stable door and a welcome whicker ( we were also fed up with sleeping on the sofabed in the living room every time we had guests).

Outdoor seating made from old pallets and plenty of cushions

I think the emptying of the stables took longer than the actual conversion but it was absolutely worth it to gain two more bedrooms and another lovely place to sit in the sunshine.

Bedroom 1

I wanted to keep the conversion as rustic as possible so that we didn’t lose the original purpose of the building. I swerved the horse brasses but did install reclaimed brick flooring throughout and clad the walls in limewashed wainscoting.

The second bedroom
A reverse angle of the second bedroom with even more sleeping options!

I thought I should add as many sleeping options as possible for friends with children but it always seems to end up with the parents in the other bedroom, the children all in my son’s bedroom and this room gets used as a massive playroom. Oh well, it keeps them happy!

The tiny bathroom squeezed in between the two bedrooms

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