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Tablecloth, blanket, cushions and napkins all beautiful Susie Watson Designs

I had wonderful plans for this month, the very exciting Period Living magazine article and the launch of this website/blog (I really must decide what it is soon). I was also approached by Susie Watson Designs to work on a collaboration together and I thought that all my dreams had come true. Little did I know that my dreams of cushions and florals and linen and springtime gloriousness were about to turn to nightmares of the past perfect, fractions, algebra, the 8 times table and Joe Wicks PE for kids participation (it really hurts). These are awful times but I am trying to find the positives so please forgive me if this seems inappropriate. I am excellent at burying my head in the sand/ my bed/ a book/ an interiors magazine and at this moment in time I think it is ok to bury for a while so please bury yourself in this sliver of spring loveliness or please forgive me and read something else.

Just ignore the hacked to death (sorry – ‘pruned’) Wisteria, I will eventually forgive my husband..probably by next year.

The most gorgeous team at Susie Watson in Saffron Walden (our nearest market town), gave me some springtime pale pink cushions to welcome the new season and force me to open up our doors and get into the garden. I am totally over winter and cosy fires and blocking out draughty doors and closing the curtains. I need to open up the house and get outside (absolutely nothing to do with the children now being at home full time, no way).

Susie Watson Designs Dusky Pink Sprig Cushion

Naturally these pink cushions will now be working their way around my house but for now they are plumped and pretty along with this gorgeous throw in more beautiful pink and green spring colours and this stunning tablecloth and napkins.

Rose Olive Harlequim Shetland Wool Throw

I was hoping to impress the neighbours and was planning to invite lots of friends to ooh and ahh at the prettiness, however the role of ooher and ahher will have now have to be played by my husband. He did actually notice the cushions straight away (nothing to do with me reclining next to them like a 1980’s tv quiz show hostess, running my hands along them in a slow motion vogue) “These are lovely aren’t they?!” “YES! YES!” I shouted (less like the glamorous Wheel of Fortune hostesses and more fishwife), I regained my poise: “Yes, my darling, aren’t they beautiful, I have banished the winter cushions . I am now all about spring, you can go into the loft and release the summer clothes, I will continue to be wearing jumpers from now on because I appear to be eating as if it is still winter, but other than that, I shall be in soft, elegant, Joanna Lumley linen. I shall personify spring through the medium of linen (just ignore the large jumper).

Pale Rose Cambridge Stripe Tablecloth

The Susie Watson team in Saffron Walden were amazing, this was just before schools and shops shut down so I have to admit to lingering in the shop, lovingly gazing at all the beautiful items and revelling in interiors discussions, which colour best complemented the spring tones, which fabric worked as a contrast to the tablecloth, the team were knowledgeable, super friendly and so calming. I am considering abandoning the children to the wild and moving into the shop, there is no shouting or crushed cheerios or nerf bullets in the eyes there, just hand painted china, soft blankets, cosy cushions and so many eyeball soothing beautiful fabrics.

Summer Green Cambridge Stripe Napkin

This is my ode to an amazing company where all the products are painstakingly designed and lovingly handcrafted (even down to the tiny flowers and hearts). Thank you for giving me one final grown up playdate and thank you for letting me bring the inside out.

Cue husband: “Ooh. Ahh”…..hum…. there is a lot of work to do here.

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Laura Bedell-Pearcereply
May 13, 2020 at 6:53 am

Oooh! Lovely! That looks like a perfect spot to relax. I too considered moving into a Susie Watson shop when on holiday in Devon! My husband took a photo of me on a sofa in the shop and said he’d take our sons off to the toy shop while I had a good mooch. I didn’t want to leave!

Rebecca Lovattreply
May 13, 2020 at 12:56 pm
– In reply to: Laura Bedell-Pearce

That is hilarious!!! Do you still look at the photo longingly and remember the peaceful beauty?!!! It’s so relaxing in their shops isn’t it? Thank you so much for your comment. Rebeccax

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