Superfast Breakfast Pots

This is perfect for all those staycation trips we are all doing at the moment.  You can make these little breakfast pots up the night before and then just pop in the cool bag ready for breakfast on the road!  I started doing these a few years ago when breakfasts suddenly became boring (apparently) in my house.  Of course with three children all with different tastes they all wanted different toppings but at least this could all be done the night before and then presented in their favourite jam jars.  

All sorts of combinations work. It’s really importantly that you can soak the oats, dried fruit and grated apple overnight making a muesli and then add the sliced banana, yogurt and extras when you are ready to eat them.  

Alternatively, if like me you sometimes…(read regularly) forget to soak them overnight when your dearest little monsters have requested pots at bedtime and you’ve then come downstairs hung out some washing, cooked some supper and cleared up the detritus from the day and totally forgotten to prep breakfast they even work without the overnight soak!!  You’ll see from my pics that I forgot to put the berries on and by the time I remembered it was in a tummy….whoops sorry…it’s real life here!!

Porridge Oats

Natural or greek yoghurt



Fruit (raisins, cranberries, goji berries, mango)

Milk (cows, almond, oat etc)

Nuts or seedsBerries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries)

  1. The quantities for these are all very dependant on how many you are making and the size of your appetites and jam jars! So I’ll just do quantities for 1 and you can expand… Put two tbsp of porridge oats either into a bowl or straight into the jam jar you are using, add some grated apple a sprinkling of dried fruit and enough milk to just cover the contents.  Cover and put in to the fridge overnight if you are being organised.
  2. The following morning spoon the muesli into your breakfast pot of choice and cover with a layer of sliced banana.  Spoon over your yoghurt, and sprinkle with nuts, seeds and the berries of your choice!  You can always add a little more milk and a squeeze of honey on top if you like.
  3. So simple but totally delicious enjoyed sitting on the school bus, in the back of the car on the way to your holidays or just in the garden in the morning sun.

Stay cool, fondest love, Lucy xx

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