Starting to prepare for Autumn

This last week has been very much about tidying up following the recent rain we’ve had. One of the first thing I do after a period of rain is weed. It’s so much easier and quicker to remove weeds from the wet soil – it almost makes it a pleasant job!

I’ve also started to do a light prune on my ivy and topiary hedging so they look tidy for the winter. I gave them both a hard prune in Spring as the weather was warming up and it still always amazes me at how much they grow over the Summer months. I usually wait until September but they are starting to look unruly so I’m going to start now. If like me, you have quite a lot of hedging to prune, then I can recommend the Bosch electric trimmers and my trusted secateurs Both definitely help quicken up the process.

Other jobs I’m getting on with

Filling the gaps – I’ve been using this week as an opportunity to assess where my ‘shrub gaps’ are in my borders. Shrubs create such wonderful structure and movement and Hydrangeas, Buxus and Hebes are my go-to ‘fillers’. However, last year I put in two Viburnum Opulus and I’ve been so pleased with them. They are similar to hydrangeas in that they have a snowball type flower but I find them a little hardier. From early May they produce these fabulous lime green flowers that then gradually turn creamy-green. They are also great to use as a cut flower, and definitely come with my recommendation

Trimming your lavender – Don’t forget to trim back your lavender once it has finished flowering. You can find more information on looking after your lavender by taking a look at my previous blog.

Pruning and deadheading – After all of the recent rain I had rather a lot of deadheading to do. It’s so important to remove sodden flowers as soon as you can and to check for any pest infestation. Damp conditions always wake up the pesky slugs. Remember to make sure that your garden allows hedgehogs to come and go freely as they are natures best slug deterrent!

Dahlias and gladiolus – Keep an eye on their growth and make sure you stake them where and when required to avoid any breakage. Remember, it’s never too late to stake!

Millie worrying that she may well be eclipsed by the Darling Dahlia

Cut flowers – Just keep picking – the more you pick the more blooms you will get. 

Your lawn – Now I’m no lawn expert but I’ve read (thank you Sarah Raven) that now is the time to reduce the frequency and do lighter cuts. After all of the hot weather, my lawn went rather crispy but don’t panic if yours has to as it does always spring back. However, if you have a newly laid lawn do make sure you continue to water it.

Just a delicately crispy summer lawn!

And finally – Now is the time to be ordering your Spring bulbs and look out for the discounts as there are some great ones out there. I know Sarah Raven is currently running a 10% off discount or use VIP15 for new customers.

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