Simple Winter Suppers with Finamill

Classic Lamb chops with creamy mash and spring greens

The finishing grind of sea salt on the fresh spring greens with the Finamill genius

With just a week until Easter Sunday (how did that happen quite so quickly?) Rose and I thought that a simple lamb chop supper would be the perfect recipe. Deliciously herbified chops with creamy salted potatoes and fresh crunchy spring greens. Simple, wholesome and a lot of fun to make with the Finamill grinder of giggling joy. A twist of a pod, a press of the button and no labouring with pestle and mortars to achieve aromatic fresh herbs ground to perfection.

Fresh rosemary and thyme into La Aga for a few minutes to dry then straight into a Finamill Max pod for press the button ease!

Over to Rose for this deliciously simple Easter recipe.

Rose @mumonmuddylane

Classic Lamb chops for Easter using my Finamill Europe spice grinder

Sage or Salmon? So many beautiful colours to choose from at Finamill

There is very little on this planet that makes me feel more “Eastery” (yes this is a word)…than a bit of spring lamb. 

Lamb chops are one of my family’s favourites and we love to stick to the classic flavours of Rosemary, Thyme and garlic.

The Finamill Europe makes it so easy to add extra flavor to the Lamb, by grinding dried Rosemary and Thyme into a fine seasoning, so you don’t end up with the twiggy bits of the herbs in your teeth!!!!

The battery powered Salmon Finamill for the table to pair with the blush pink tablecloth


2 lamb chops per person

A clove or two of garlic, peeled and smashed with the flat edge of a knife.

A knob of butter

Dried Rosemary

Dried Thyme

Fresh Rosemary



Fennel seeds (if you like them)

Olive oil


Get a pan nice and hot on the stove, and drizzle with a little Olive oil.

Place the chops fat edge down in the pan and render the fat until crisp and golden (about five minutes). 

Then flip them onto their sides, keeping the heat high.

Using your Finamill Max pod, grind dried Thyme and Rosemary over all of the chops. Then in the Pro pod, grind some fennel seeds (if you like them) and Salt and Pepper over the top.

Melt a knob of butter in the pan next to the chops, and add some fresh Rosemary and the garlic (let the butter melt and infuse for a moment). 

Baste the chops and then flip them. Follow the same steps again seasoning, searing and basting.

If you like your lamb slightly pink, 5 minutes each side is perfect. But if you like them a little more cooked, pop the whole pan into a hot over (220c) for a further 5-10 minutes.

Serve the chops with buttery mash, asparagus tips or Spring greens and dig in!

Easter is served.




Happy Easter from Finamill, Rose and me xxxx

A huge thank you to Finamill for sponsor our spring suppers. Rose and I have adored playing with all the pods and herbs and spices. Have a look at these amazing grinders, battery powered or rechargeable. They will save so much time over Easter with all the cooking and they are great fun. Little hands can get involved with adding herbs and spices by simply pressing the button and friends can help with filling the pods with delicious options for flavour from simple sea salt and black peppercorns to fennel seeds and dried rosemary. So simple and so effective.

Use “Easter Joy” for 10% off all Finamill products xxxx

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