Simple Winter Suppers

Halloumi Saganaki

Honey drizzled sesame seeded yumptiousness
With Rose from @mumonmuddylane

Oh Rose! Ok admittedly a plate of fried cheese does not entirely make a simple winter supper but it is simple, it is still winter and I ate this for my supper! Boom! I think it’s probably very healthy, cheese for calcium, honey for summerness and olive oil for softness of everything. I may well leap into next week, although I did eat the lot so it might only be a millimetre leap from the sofa.

This is a recipe of Greek island getaways, of sticky crunchy yumminess and the easiest way to impress friends if you feel the need not to sit on the sofa and consume the lot whilst reading your new favourite book.

Over to Rose:

So this is not necessarily a supper…..although what really is a supper other than something delicious to pop in ya gob of an evening?

This is more of an “eat in front of a movie with other nibbles and wine kinda supper…enjoy!


1 block of Halloumi cut into inch size pieces


Olive oil

A tablespoon of runny honey

1 teaspoon of Oregano

1 teaspoon of Sesame seeds

Black pepper


Toss your pieces of Halloumi in the cornflour and tap off the excess.

Heat a cm of olive oil and fry the Halloumi on all sides until dark golden and crispy.

Drizzle the honey over evenly and toss. Sprinkle with oregano, sesame seeds and a good crack of black pepper and toss quickly again.

Serve with crudités, breads, dips, olives and other lovely delights.

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