Simple Rustic Wreath

I appreciate that this is a little late to the party but so were my hydrangeas this year so it’s definitely not my fault! This is a super simple wreath that just relies upon glorious hydrangeas and a spot of foraging.

You will need:

  • Moss
  • A copper wreath ring
  • Florists wire
  • Secateurs ( I bought some to copy @flowersandlifestylebymargot with my name on them!! – Copper Secateurs)
  • Purple leaves – I used branches from our Cherry Plum tree
  • Pink hydrangea – I used our Hydrangea Bluebird – yup…got the soil wrong and it is now pink but terrible pretty!!!
  • Snowberries

Lay out all your ‘ingredients’ so you don’t forget to add one of the vitals (I have definitely never done this before).

Line up into large and small so that you can space them equally on the wreath.

Take the florists wire and wrap around the top of the copper ring ensuring that you have enough wire to:

a) find it once all the foliage is added (yup – I do this almost every time)

b) measure how long it needs to be for the chosen wreath hanging place.

Now add clumps of moss, wrapping the wire round and round to hold it in place.

Wrap all the way around until you reach your wire at the top, wrap around and tie off.

In an ideal slow living world you would now leave this outside in the rain for the moss to gently soak up plenty of water but one can easily just soak inside!

Lay the Cherry plum leaves around the wreath taking care to make sure that the leaves are facing outwards and tuck the stems into the moss to keep them fresh.

Once the leaves are covering all the moss, tie the wire around the top ready to continue with the hydrangeas.

Lay out the hydrangea first so that you can balance them out. I started with the two largest at the bottom and then worked up to smaller at the top.

Next lie them around the outside of the wreath so you know where they are going then start at the bottom and work round – you will need less wire this time to hold them in place. Ensure that each stem goes into the moss for a drink!

Now add the snowberries in between the hydrangea, ensuring that the bottom of their twig goes into the moss.

Work you way around until you are back to the bottom then wrap the wire round and round several times before flipping the wreath over and slotting the wire through to tie off.

Either chuck the wreath in a cleanish puddle every so often to keep the moss wet or delicately spray with a fancy plant mister (I don’t have one of these so mine get thrown in the puddles – not the bath – whatever you do – don’t use the bath: the copper ring leaves marks on the bath – obviously I have only heard of this happening…)

All done, hang up immediately because you have already measured the wire against the door hook and feel very smug. perhaps paint large arrows on your door to ensure the wreath is properly seen and admired.


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October 31, 2021 at 2:07 pm

Rebecca, this truly is a lovely wreath! I enjoyed very much learning what to do and not do in attempting to make one myself (especially regarding the placement of copper in the bath!) As for myself, I prefer the pink in your hydrangeas. I do love the blue but especially for arranging and wreaths pink is my favorite! I would say you’ve learnt a lot as a very important design assistant but I think they chose you because you already knew! Happy Halloween!

Rebecca Lovattreply
October 31, 2021 at 5:46 pm
– In reply to: Jennifer

Ohhhhh thank you so much! I must find my very important assistant badge!!! 😂😂😂 I love the pinks too, they seem perfect at this time of year. I am glad the bath advice was useful…there is still a mark three years on….😂. Thank you so much for reading and giving it a go!!! Happy Halloween lovely lady xxxx

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