Simple Easter Brunch with Finamill

Feta fried eggs with chilli sage butter and honey

Easter is nearly upon us and yet spring is still to make her full glorious appearance which makes thinking about what to cook for Easter joy rather tricky.

Fear not! Rose to the rescue with the most delicious brunch of spring yumminess. Feta fried eggs seems entirely appropriate with the traditional use of eggs at Easter but a modern spicy twist! We celebrate Easter every year with a group of university friends, taking turns to cook the meals, plenty of board games and egg hunts and a lot of chatting and catching up so this is the perfect brunch to kick off our Good Friday celebrations. I will look like the best cook in the world yet it will have only taken me seconds to make. Note to self: pack the Finamill!!!! Does one have full confirmation of middle aged status when kitchen utensils are top of the packing list and not the tequila and Cointreau of olden days?!!!

This is the easiest freshest deliciousest meal and I cannot wait to make it for my best friends (I may even allow their children to have a go with the Finamill, it really does create a bubble of giggles as the light switches on and the button happily grinds even the hardest of spices. So much fun!

Over to Rose for a world of simple yumminess:

Feta fried eggs with chilli sage butter and honey
Rose @mumonmuddylane


Ingredients for one serving

A handful of fresh sage 

1 large free range egg

70g feta cheese

Chilli flakes

Black peppercorns


Runny honey to drizzle

A small knob of butter 

Half a sliced avocado

1/2 a toasted bagel

Using my glorious Finamill grinders, this recipe went from ordinary to a spice step up in seconds.

1 wanted to get some dried sage ground onto the egg whilst it cooked, but didnt have any in the pantry, so…hooray Finamill to the rescue…dried my fresh sage in the Aga for a minute on a low heat and popped it into my Fiņamill all crisp and dry and off I ground! (Keep some of the fresh sage fresh, to use in the pan later, 3 or 4 leaves should do)

To start with, get your Chilli flakes, pepper, salt and sage in the correct pods on your grinder.

Then, crumble feta into a small fried egg sized circle in a non stick pan, and make a well in the middle.

Crack an egg into the well.

Grind the dried sage, pepper, and Chilli flakes generously across the egg.

Add a knob of butter to the side of the pan with a few fresh sage leaves. When the butter has melted and the sage has started to release its heady aroma, start basting the egg with it, splashing the butter across the yolk and the white, the hot butter will cook these quicker. 

When the white is cooked and the yolk is to your liking, serve the egg onto an avocado topped toasted bagel.

Drizzle the whole thing with lashings of runny honey (trust me, the honey with the salty feta is unreal)!

Use your Finamill to season with a little salt on the yolk and more chilli flakes if you like and dig in.

Easter breakfast of champs!


Moml x 

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