September In My Garden

September is one of those months where we start to see dramatic changes as the seasons switch from Summer to Autumn. To help avoid you having to spend huge amounts of time out in the garden throughout the colder months, it’s a good idea to use this month to get on top of things. Here are some of the jobs I’m going to be doing which will help you do just this and keep your garden tidy throughout the colder months.

Jobs to be getting on with:

  • Remove any annuals as and when they die back.
  • Start planning what Spring bulbs you would like to grow. I’m going to be growing ‘the classics’, i.e. Tulips and Daffodils, but I’m also going to be trying some new bulbs in my garden. You can find out my top three new bulb purchases in my previous blog. It’s also a great time to order your bare root roses.
  • If you are on early frost watch then don’t forget about your Dahlias. You either need to lift and store them over the winter months or leave them where they are and cover with a thick layer of mulch to protect them.
  • Don’t forget to keep your borders looking tidy and, if like me, your roses are still blooming, then make sure you regularly deadhead them to encourage even more late summer blooms.
Beautiful home grown roses and eucalyptus taking centre stage in Karen’s gorgeous sitting room.

Make sure you continue to deadhead dahlias if you are not picking them to take inside for your displays and do the same for all of your other plants still flowering. 

  • It’s still as vital to give everything a weekly feed, either with liquid seaweed or tomato feed. I do mine every Friday, just think of it as their end of week G&T.
  • Prune your climbing/rambling roses once they’ve finished flowering. 
  • Start to think of Autumn and winter colour for your tubs. Winter pansies are reliable and great for Autumn colour.
Simple white winter pansies add a beautiful focal point to the outdoor table

And finally

Make sure you take photos of your flower borders to help plan for next year. It’s a great reminder of where everything is and what did and didn’t work. Really does help with planning what you want to grow next year.

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