Preparing the spring garden

It’s been so nice to see the return of some sunshine and milder weather. I’ve managed to spend a couple of afternoons out in the garden, starting to get it organised for the Spring months. Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to.


I know I’ve already talked about mulching but as I’m doing it, I thought I would remind you of why it’s so good.

Not only does a layer of mulch help with the condition of the soil by preventing it from drying out, but it also helps suppress weeds. I always put mine on in February or March and it’s always worked well, but you can wait a little longer if you want. The key is making sure it’s on before those weeds start to germinate!

If you are adding a new hedge or planting some trees then I would always add a layer of mulch no matter what time of year it is. Also, in laying it, my advice is to go thick as it will shrink down.

I brought in my mulch from Madingley Mulch and used ‘Tony’s Tonic – a well rotted horse manure.

Turning over the soil

I have also used the warm weather as an opportunity to give the soil in my borders a gentle turn over and weed. However, I didn’t go to hard at it as you really want to focus on doing this prior to the warmer, Spring weather. Usually, I add a layer of compost to my borders in April and as a result I tend to find this is the best time to cultivate. By cultivating and then adding the compost, you are helping to prevent moisture loss.

Cutting back grasses

If you have deciduous grasses (these will turn a golden, straw brown colour in the Autumn/Winter) they will need to be pruned in early Spring. However, as it’s relatively mild where I live, I can already see new green shoots sprouting, I’ve therefore already given mine a haircut. For deciduous grasses I tend to cut down to a few centimetres from the ground and then add a layer of mulch to help feed the plant in preparation for it springing back to life. If you have evergreen grasses than I would avoid doing anything with these until the spring and then just remove any dead or brown parts of it.

Move your tubs.

Start to refresh your tubs. I use tub inserts from Sarah Raven which you can use to pop in more decorative pots. I’ve got four on the go, two with daffodil bulbs in and two with tulips. Once the daffodils have finished, I will whip out the tub and then replace it with the tubs of tulips. They make life so much easier.

And finally, enjoy all of those new shoots appearing. Spring is really not too far away and our gardens will soon be once again in full bloom.

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