Bring spring inside and wave goodbye to the cold, grey winter

Eight glorious wildflower wood prints taken from The Sowerby Collection from Posterlounge

This is a collaboration that has been months in the making. It marks my new foray into making a real life job of work from writing and it heralds the beginning of spring decorating.

Posterlounge got in touch with me last year to ask if I would like to work with them on highlighting their incredible products. I looked at their website and was a little daunted, the choice of paintings, prints and posters is mind blowing, but I was very brave and dived in. It’s a bit like visiting an art gallery, you ooh and ahh at lots of pictures in lots of different rooms until you get the lay of the gallery and then you remember the sort of imagery that you like and head in that direction.

It’s no surprise that I headed for the floral gallery, yes, I was the student who covered her walls with Monet prints and even dabbled in the Van Gogh sunflowers selection for a while (both of these artists are actually available in prints on Posterlounge which might be rather lovely for students returning to Uni – unless all their art is now virtual?!)

I selected Wall Art/ Botany and I actually found it really uplifting scrolling through images of glorious flowers and herbs, so many different styles but so many glorious, riotous petals.

I am a romantic floralist at heart so I don’t know if other categories create such a feeling of relaxation but I thoroughly recommend it if – like me – you are a florals lover. It was spring sight for wintry sore eyes and a joyous tonic for art gallery free months – they have absolutely eveything you could wish for: famous painters, brand new contemporary artists and photographers as well as fabulous map prints and Harry Potter posters!

Unfortunately for my son and his love of maps I was lured by the blooms. These beauties caught my eye:

A beautiful range of abstracts to bring wonderful colour into a room “Habitat”

A fabulous selection of botanical designs all available in different finishes (Canvas, Gallery or acrylic print, Wood print and posters) Tree Of Life

Posterlounge have over 100,000 images and a wonderful community of 10,000 artists. They ship within Europe and there truly is something for everyone in a range of finishes, framed or unframed. It really is the easiest way to create a fresh new look for your home and kick winter out of the door and welcome in a bright and sunny spring. See you later winter!

Thank you so much Posterlounge for your gorgeous woodprints, they have transformed our guest room and I simply cannot wait for our first guests to arrive and fall totally in love with your pictures. Sowerby Wildflowers Woodprint

Posterlounge have also very kindly offered a 15% discount on all artwork AND frames with “COTTAGE15”, take advantage now and fill your home with happiness. X

This blog post was a paid partnership with Posterlounge. Yipeeee!!!!!


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Sandra at Thistle Cove Farmreply
September 30, 2021 at 5:27 pm

such a cozy, drift off to dreamland room!

Rebecca Lovattreply
October 1, 2021 at 10:58 am
– In reply to: Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

Ohh thank you so very much!! Funnily enough that is exactly what all our guests say!! Hurrayyyyy!!! Thank you so much xxxxx

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