Modern Day etiquette in an elderly 400 year old cottage

Ok, this seems like a massive squeeze – well it is! I am spending the day in a socially distanced way with friends so I wasn’t going to post today but then this amazing company got in contact and asked me to become an affiliate. I am very careful about affilliations so I was slow to respond whilst I did my research. Whilst I was looking into them, numerous celebrities have begun to use these beautiful hand sanitisers and The Sunday Times Style Magazine wrote an entire feature on them…hum…I’m not sure…I mean it looks pretty but is it recycable? Is it made with essential oils? Is there a science behind it…oh..oh, I see…ah yes but is there a lovely company behind this product? Oh..oh right…ok..erm yes please thank you please I would love to work with you immediately please thank you so much kind regards.

I assumed that I would prefer Charlotte’s Floral (rose geranium with lemon citrus oil and vetiver) but actually I also love Wild Woody (Vetiver, and woody coriander with Juniper berry) .

The whole mask/ no mask/ metre/two metre/ malarky confuses me greatly. I like to know what I am doing and often look to others to see what I should be doing. I feel rather silly in my mask and I seem to be one of the few sanitising. There is still no social etiquette book written on these predicaments so I am carrying sanitisers in my bag, car and now I can elegantly lay them on convivial tables without ruining the cottage style aesthetic and hopefully giving guests an aromatic essential oils treat without them taking offence that I am accusing them of Coviding me.

Not only do they have the best name “Purdy & Figg” but the story behind this creation is wonderful. The company was formed by Purdy Rubin (a gallery owner who now works as an NHS nurse) and Charlotte Figg (a horticulturist). They founded a traditional from the kitchen table company to create non-toxic, natural cleaning products that didn’t use single use plastic.

The first product we made was actually a natural multi-surface cleaner not a hand sanitiser. Made from sustainable ingredients and scented with 100% pure essential oils we called it ‘Counter Clean’ and knew we were onto something when our children in their 20s were unusually keen to use it…

Then, at the end of last year, in the midst of the cold and flu season, Purdy’s two sons Charlie & Jack asked if we could make them and their friends a hand sanitiser for the winter. The trouble with all the gels, they said, was how sticky and dehydrating they were. They smelt and felt toxic, a bleak necessity but not a pleasure or a joy to use at all.

Purdy & Figg

So we put our heads and hands together to create a better, bacteria-killing and moisturising alternative to the toxic mass produced gels found everywhere else. That’s what you’ll find here, at our online shop, a simple but effective hand sanitiser made with 70% pharmaceutical grade alcohol and safe pure essential oils.

We’re a growing family business with Purdy’s sons at the helm, and Charlotte & Purdy still in the ‘lab’ creating new sprays and other treats coming soon.

Purdy & Figg
Purdy’s sons taking over the helm to allow their mothers to keep creating genius – in a proper lab now – not their garage!!!

These little glass bottles are gorgeous, with enticing names “Charlotte’s Floral” – Pure essential oil blend of Rose Geranium, Lemon (cold pressed), and Vetiver, or “Wild Woody” – Natural essential oil blend of Coriander Seed, Himalayan Juniper Berry, Vetiver, Lemon (Cold Pressed), or Orginal Citrus – Natural essential oil blend of sweet orange, pink grapefruit, niaouli.

They smell amazing, kill 99% of bacteria and they make your hands feel soft and smell beautiful. I truly don’t feel embarrassed popping these on the table. My friends often laugh about my spritzing obsession (air, face, body, anything that smells beautiful and makes me feel better) and now I am having the last laugh, it is beautiful, smells wonderful and will make us all feel better. A very modern necessity that blends in beautifully with our ‘all welcome’ (unless you have a dry repeating cough) old home.

Head over to to snap up these beauties, they have become super cool popular so there is a 3 day delay on orders but use “MYENGLISHCOUNTRYCOTTAGE10” for 10% off and judge for yourself why everyone is falling for their charms.

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