Just a little bit of multi tasking and upcycling

Around this year I start to dry lots of hydrangeas, as I love using them throughout the Autumn and Winter months for styling and adding to floral arrangements. 

I recently wrote a blog on what I’ve learnt along the way when it comes to drying hydrangeas https://www.myenglishcountrycottage.co.uk/heavenly-hydrangea/and after a weekend in the garden, I discovered another way of ‘drying hydrangeas’ which is a little more pleasing to the eye. 

The how – One of the jobs I’ve been getting on with in the garden at the moment is giving hedges in my garden a very light trim, so they look tidy for the winter. As a result I had a pile of rather beautiful foliage that felt too pretty to instantly put on the compost bin. So, instead, I decided to create a wreath using the foliage and my ‘drying upside down hydrangeas’ to hang on my door. It’s such a quick and easy way of decorating any door. Here’s a quick 5 minute tutorial on how I did it.

This wreath is a variation on a hand tied bouquet, displaying flowers and foliage in an elongated layered effect. It’s an arrangement based on ‘graduated layering’ of foliage and flowers, which is then tied in a grand knot and you can make it as delicate or as big and bold as you like.

Start by dividing your foliage and flowers into piles and then place the first three stems on a flat surface, crossing the stems over in the same place.

Then repeat this process with your next three stems, making sure you keep the same binding point, every time you add your flowers and foliage. Also, make sure you graduate the length, every time you add another layer. This will add depth to the design and stop it from looking flat.

If like me, you are going to be adding hydrangeas to the arrangement to dry, I would complete the foliage base first and then add your hydrangeas at the end. You want them to be on top of the design, so they can dry properly.

If you are doing a mixture of foliage and fresh flowers then I would start with the three stems, then add three stems of flowers and ensuring that they sit on top of the foliage but slightly shorter so you can still see the foliage they are sitting on. Repeat until you have a good mixture of flowers, graduating their way up towards the binding point.

Once you have created your arrangement, secure the arrangement tightly at the binding point with string. 

Remember, you can make this as delicate or ‘big and bold’ as you like and use just foliage or a mixture of foliage and flowers. As I had so much foliage I decided to go big and I quite like the statement it created. 

With love and stay safe, Flowers and Lifestyle by Margot – 

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