June Roses

Karen’s gorgeous garden blooming beautifully

One of the things I love about June is seeing my roses in full bloom. I have a lot of roses in my main garden and next year I would like to dedicate a bed in the cutting garden to them.  They are definitely one of my favourite flowers and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them as happy as they are this year.  I think this is partly because they are becoming established (mine are now three years old) but also because I am quite particular about the way I look after them. So with that, here are my top tips.

A quick guide on buying Roses – The best time to buy Roses is between November and March and to get them bare root. Plant them in the Autumn months or in late Spring. I personally prefer to put them in in the Autumn, to give them a good amount of time to settle and become established in their new environment.

Roses and growing conditions – The great thing about a Rose is they do tend to thrive in most soils and as my neighbour says, it’s quite difficult to kill a Rose. They do however prefer soil that is moist and well-drained, but there are different Roses available for different soil types so do make sure you take a look. They also tend to like sunshine. You can get some that are happy in partial shade, so again, do take a look at the different varieties available.

Rose planting and general care – When planting, make sure you dig a big enough hole for them. You want to ensure their roots are comfortably accommodated and also that you can get a good amount of compost in. I always add compost, plus I like to sprinkle on some Bone meal and mix it in. Once you have planted your roses, give them a good water and pop a layer of mulch around them in the Spring to help keep the moisture in and to prevent diseases such as black fly. 
To ensure you have the healthiest roses, don’t forget to feed them. I give mine a Rose specific feed twice a year in March and July. I also give them a monthly feed throughout the Summer months with liquid seaweed. When watering them, make sure you avoid their leaves and remember that roses don’t need huge amounts of water. I usually water once a week (if its a new Rose I’ll do this twice weekly) and you can usually tell if it dehydrated by looking at a Rose’s flower. 
And finally, don’t forget to deadhead throughout the Summer as this will help encourage more blooms on repeat-flowering Roses.

My top three Rose recommendations (all David Austin)
Desdemona – My absolute favourite. A medium-sized shrub producing white flowers with an amazing scent. It’s a strong repeat-flowering Rose.
Claire Austin – A creamy white climber, with again a lovely scent. A great repeat flowering climber.
Queen of Sweden – A gorgeous pink Rose, light pink in colour and again a great repeat flower.

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