The happiest of beach shoots without setting foot on the beach and being illegal!

We were due to shoot on a beach in Norfolk but discovered the afternoon before that we needed a permit. The extraordinary owner of Meadow House saved the damsels in wafty dresses “No problem, use our house, what time would you like to get there?”. After swooning with relief and gratitude we arrived to swoon once more at the most beautiful house and extraordinary sea view.

Sophie @stoneandsagecurated and I ran around like interior appassionatas at design week stroking Ben Pentreath wallpaper and sighing at the roll top bath and antique furniture.

This is a home away from home with everything you could ever need and a Jane Austen heroine swoon worthy sea view.

This was more than we dreamed of for this shoot in such a magical garden and romantic home.

Please have a look at Simon’s page. Both @norfolkbeachhouse and @littlenorfolkbeachhouse are a design haven of joy and he truly is the kindest man in the world. Thank you for saving our magazine shoot bacon!!!

Happy what a view Wednesday xxx

Ps for those who asked yesterday- the picnic blanket and cushions of catch me I swoon are from the glorious @cocoandwolf - pr xxxx

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Now that’s what I call a gallery wall!!!

Yes, I am now officially an art galleryist person. With the start of @the_rhs Chelsea flower show this week @emmaperringpaintings is celebrating all things floral and summery (ok wisteria probably falls into spring but it’s so Chelsea darling) and has created the Chelsea flowers collection.

A collection of 7 small flower paintings all live on her page now. The two little sweeties on the right are part of this new
oeuvre - yes, I have all the terminology now I am an art curator. I shall probably write a guidebook “Here you see a gorgeous painting of flowers…they are beautiful” “Here is a smaller painting of glorious flowers for summer”….hmmm that might take a bit more work…

Happy Chelsea Flower show mania Monday x

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Just a tiny ankle reveal of wisteria.

Simply grateful for sunshine whilst I plan a super exciting Preloved Magazine shoot on Tuesday. Yes! I am leaving the safety of my Suffolk cottage and braving the wilds of Norfolk, no doubt I will be run over by paddle boards and eaten by seagulls. These are the dangers that one must encounter in order to be brave and create floral magic on a beach. Thankfully my loins are girded and I have my trusty wicker baskets to protect me. What can possibly go wrong?

Happy cottage safe Saturday xxx

Ps I have actually written my first blog post in seven thousand years about styling an alfresco evening allowing for rain and cold and probably snow given May’s April weather tendencies. Up on my website now (linkinbio) x

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{ad} Thank you once again @sarahravensgarden for saving my floral bacon…

Just as her glorious tulips wave a final precious petalled farewell, I begin to question my gardening integrity that has been severely compromised with the awful weather. “I should have sown the sweetpea seeds weeks ago. I love sweet peas, they smell incredible and are the flower that keeps on giving for all the summer months..what was I thinking…why did I not get outside and sow to my scented hearts content..???”…..Because it was FREEZING! And GREY! And REVOLTING!

Thankfully the summer saving Sarah Raven has provided me with genius little seedlings that come in their own sweetest of nests. Pop ‘em in the ground, wind them round a strong support and wave smugly to neighbours shouting “I sowed then when it was really cold and grey because I am an excellent and commited gardener”.

Use “COUNTRY10” to show off your green fingers @sarahravensgarden .

Happy thrilling seedlings Thursday x

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Hallo cow parsley my old friend.
I’ve come to secateur you once again.
Because your flowers softly creeping
Left the seeds whilst I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the smell of cow parsley.

Happy twitchy nose Tuesday x

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The most beautiful box arrived filled with @jolovesofficial scents of bliss.

The new scents are out of this world delicious. Pomelo is my new favourite- it has even usurped my wedding fragrance (yes I had a wedding fragrance - that was my something borrowed - scented in the street outside the church as the Northumbrian villagers looked on agog at a bride walking into her wedding fragrance before walking up the aisle). “Inspired by white sandy beaches, fresh linen sheets & sparkling iced water, this mouth-watering Grapefruit-infused Citrus is sharp, refreshing & instantly energising.” It is!!! It’s utterly delicious & I feel so elegant when I wear it (unlike my bridal day where my father & I grabbed handfuls of wedding gown & legged it up the village high street as I was rather late for the service).

I shall alternate between creating my own fragrance with the white rose & lemon leaves paintbrush!!! Yes!! You can mix & match for a personalised scent!!!, inhaling the gloriously opulent Ebony & Cassis candle & simply wafting in elegant joy in Pomelo. Thank you @jolovesofficial you truly are the fragrance Queen.

Happy scents of serenity Sunday x

Pr gift x#joloves #perfumelovers #homescents #momentsofchic #cottageflowers

{ad} The gorgeous @pinklemonsboutique recently had their account hacked and lost the opportunity to show their stunning spring summer designs. Thankfully through the power of sheer unadulterated nagging (Leah’s words not mine) she has just recovered her account.

I have tried to show as many as possible - thank goodness for a very long washing line!!! Please head over and have a gander at Leah’s beautiful page, she worked so hard to create such a gorgeous account, it is heart breaking to have it stolen away- I kept a weather eye on Ocado Stuart yesterday, he seemed a little too excited by all the jewel like colours and floaty wafty joys. He tried to keep me talking about the Apple blossom “remember when I was still collecting apples in November from your tree?” “Back off Stuart! You can have as many apples as you want but don’t try your blossom distraction techniques with me, these are not your colours anyway. You drive the onion van!!!!”.

EC10 for 10% off all full price items xxx

Happy floaty frockful Friday x

#dressoftheday #sustainablefashion #washingline #floatydress #summerstyle

Well it’s almost sunny. Under the grey there is definitely warm sunshine.

I have decided to act as if May has graced us with warmth and golden rays, perhaps if I keep this up I can actually trick May into behaving like..well..May.

Happy wow Wednesday already?! Xxx

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The celebrations may be over but I refuse to give up the scones and cream (or bunting).

Just one more day of loveliness please. I swear promise to eat spinach and kale all day tomorrow and probably go for a run almost definitely (not).

Happy more tea please Monday x

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Happy happy Coronation day!!!!!

Scones are tiny but tasty, Victoria Sponge is thin but filled with delicious cream and the champagne is chilled.

Bunting up, flowers floofed and dress from @hollyblocks to match my @victoriaeggs bunting and china. Hurrah!!!

Have the most wonderful day xxxx

#coronation #summerdress #partyinspiration #tablescape #tablescapestyling

{ad} By the power of my Boilersuit…I am She-Ra!!!!

Ok…maybe not quite The Princess of Power but by golly this Boilersuit of cottagecore check and powerjobsuit has given me the ability to get all my jobs of work done.

Happy #internationalboilersuitday !!!! Join us for a very silly fun day of posting photos of you in a boilersuit/ overalls/ even dungarees (but I draw the line at actual She Ra outfits) and we will share it to stories to raise a happy May smile. Post you doing what you love (artist/ potter/ decorator/ writer/ cook/ gardener/ cake eater) and include the very important international hashtag!!!!

A silly jolly idea from @amandabanhamceramics (happy birthday my boilersuit clad pal), @incredibusy and thank you to @ilovelowie for this boilersuit of perfection- feminine but full of super powers.

Happy May the force of the International Boilersuit day be with you xxx

#boilersuit #overalls #dowhatyoulovelovewhatyoudo #cottagecoreaesthetic

In answer to @incredibusy ‘s question!!! This glorious beauty from @ilovelowie will be shown off to full advantage tomorrow on #internationalboilersuitday xxxxx ...

Bakers Ready!!!

Almost! Wait for me! Just adding a smudge of flour to my nose and attempting to blend milk and lemon juice as a buttermilk substitute! Be there in a second…

I have decided to bake the royal scone recipe but have been stumped at the first hurdle/ wicket..erm…I don’t have any buttermilk. My Bake Off career is over before it ever began…

Fingers crossed the sciencey mix will work!!!

Happy please work Wednesday xxx

#bakeoff #bakingtime #kitchenlove #bunting #sconesrecipe

Thank you May! You bring sunshine, bank holidays and blooms.

You are my favourite! Well done.

Happy tulippy Tuesday xxx

Also massive thank you to @sarahravensgarden for your stunning tulip bulbs, they are truly outstanding and have me me grin from ear to spring happy ear. Xxx (previous collab) x

#tulip #sarahraven #cottagegarden #tulipseason #gardencolour

Ad Warning mild cherry tree exploitation!

Pink juicy blossom and fabulous bags of joy from @paradevi_label . The perfect dress to say goodbye to nasty old winter (still here in April) and hello to a WARM AND SUNNY MAY..please…

I removed the boilersuit after hours of wall varnishing (about half an hour) and have returned to my natural state a La wafterising. The Tia dress has the hues of the blues that brand new Irish label Para Devi are using in their collections which are similar to those of wild Atlantic ocean - well hello wild wafting!!! A whole new branch for me to enjoy. I shall wear their nature inspired clothing and channel my inner mermaid- mermaids cannot be expected to varnish walls or paint tiny little sections that may have been missed by an overworked creative who should only be designing not doing the actual hard labour.

Today I waft like a mermaid. Thank you so much Para Devi. And thank you little blossom tree!

Happy floaty Friday x

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A quick tea break….before I actually start my job of work.

Somehow it has been left to me to varnish the wallpaper. My husband put up the wallpaper, he hammered in the panelling, he painted the panelling, sanded and repainted the door, cut oak trims and fixed them and yet I appear to have been left with the snagging (he calls it the jobs I purposely forgot to do. I call it decorating cruelty).

I read that varnishing wallpaper in the bathroom can protect it from steamy situations…I assumed that by imparting my excellent knowledge the varnishing would be done…but rather like the floor sanding and the ceiling painting, I have been evilly forced to partake in the bathroom makeover “this was your idea, you can’t just have the ideas and not help”, I find myself in an extremely comfortable boiler suit with a magical sparkling kettle. I know not how but I am rather enjoying this whole new work ethic me. I suppose I better have another cup of tea before I get back (look at) the grindstone.

Happy thirsty Thursday x

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Ad Not long now…

We are hosting a bit of a shindig for the Coronation so I am practicing my party decorating skills (it’s been a while!!). Sadly it does involve me eating all the rehearsal cakes but I am being very brave, these cakes must be perfect for such an extraordinary celebration.

@victoriaeggs has created yet another stunning Royal commemorative design for the Coronation which is utterly beautiful and so perfect for King Charles III.

The King Charles III Coronation bunting and fine bone china tea cups bear the National flowers from the UK along with oak, a symbol of strength and stability, and Ivy, the symbol of commitment, which trails throughout this intricately hand-drawn design.

Tiny references to the King’s life are hidden amongst the wildlife and foliage; the eagle, swords, and anchor representing the British Armed Forces, a parachute, pens, and paintbrushes – representing his love and support for the Arts, young people, the countryside and his life-long environmental activism.

This is a beautifully emotive design as well as simply gorgeous, the freshest of greens with the prettiest of patterns. I cannot wait for Coronation day!!!

Happy wave that flag Wednesday x

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Surely this deserves shouty caps???

Admittedly I did show it last week but this is on the proper day with the door pushing reveal as well…does everyone smash it into their freshly painted new panelling or is that just me? Should I have used a special elf to slowly open the door from behind? I am clueless - this is my first ever room transformation.

Please be careful with your eyes when viewing the old bathroom. This is your eye hazard warning.

Thank you @lucieannabelhome for making my bathroom dreams come true with your Garden Visitors wallpaper.


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Pear blossom!!

These two cheekies seem to take it in turns to produce pears now, the other tree is almost blossomless. It looks like my pickled pears may well be rationed this year.

Not that I shall have a chance to make them. I appear to be living at the vets at the moment, I wonder if they have a kitchen I could use? And a big jam pot? I must find out when I am there AGAIN, later today, I shall maybe even see if they have a small room that I could move into?

Dottie developed a limp on Friday so I duly took her along, walked her up & down…no limp. The vet smiled kindly & ushered us home. Clearly not content with this verdict, Dottie threw herself off a cliff on Saturday. No, I am not dramaticising. She actually did. We were on our annual Richie’s walk (17 miles to raise money for blood cancer in memory of my husband’s best friend from university) & whilst the beleaguered group of nearly 50 year olds staggered their way over hill and dale comparing old age injuries & muttering “it was much easier when we were in our twenties”, Dottie broke for freedom & ran up a sheer cliff face then eventually gave up on whichever hare or bird or tiny speck of something she could possibly chase & rather than racing back down simply leapt 60 feet into just air.

You can imagine our stomach churning fear as we ran to her wagging tailed winded face of embarrassment. It is an actual miracle & I can only assume that Richie caught her “she can’t die on my watch, not in my memory” and let her roll down a slope at the bottom with..yup..just a limp in the same paw. It is truly extraordinary & a sight that we will never forget.

We return home (the vets) with blisters, hangovers & “we are not twenty any more we must not stay up past 9pm & we must not drink gallons of booze fuel because it is not fuel. It is poison & we are now olden days people & a dog who seems to like visiting the vet. Lessons have (not) been learned.

Wish me luck as I explain to the vet what has happened this time.

Happy miracle Monday x

#peaceful #gardentherapy #pearblossom #cottagefarmhouse #homeiswhereyourheartis #cottagehome

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