Yes, this is real life sunshine captured pre hail!!

Focus on the suns rays & not the fact that every single thing in this room is seriously wonky. I wonder if I am wonkier for sleeping in here for nearly 8 years of my life? What a wonderful excuse. I might start using it “I’m so sorry I’m just a bit wonky”. Those moments where you laugh waaay too loudly & the room goes silent...”Sorry! So wonky! Not my fault” or where you run out of things to say “I must apologise I suffer from acute wonkiness”. I was once at social occasion filled with Karate enthusiasts, these were the serious kind who practice a form that one can barely pronounce & must be uttered with reverence. I was busy chattering brilliantly, laughing (loudly) & being generally wonderful, drawing one young Karate chap out of his shell, asking him all about his computer science degree, I was a triumph, the lad lit up & talked for at least a minute & a half before abruptly stopping with “....I haven’t got anything else to say now...”. This somewhat quashed my dreams of interviewer extraordinaire, I barely had time to envisage my chat show logo before my career was consigned to my dream job bin (along with “Lawyer - too much studying”, “Florist - too cold” & “multibillionaire - it sounds a bit hard”).

I think being wonky sounds more fun than simply getting something wrong. I shall employ this excuse from now fact: this photo was meant to be a genius inspirational photographic blossomic triumph- in my eyes I was able to capture the blossom tree through the window and echo it in the sunlit blossom of the vase. In reality it’s just a wonky sorry... I have wonky lens perception. Just imagine the tree outside please.

Happy tilting Tuesday x

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Yup, it’s an in amongst the blossom shot but it smells soooo good that I really don’t mind!!! I might stay here all day, thankfully I am sporting my regulation camo joggers so I reckon if I freeze, even the deliver drivers won’t spot me.

Yes, yes, I do have a lot of work to do...that is of course why I am hiding in the blossom, it’s another genius prevarication method to avoid actually writing a million lists and being 1) take photo whilst sun shines...ooooh sunny....bye!!! So busy...must stand here and get exactly the right light and shade on every single bit of green I can see and then I will definitely finish this list...

I really need to get my bottom and a half into gear -the running has reduced the double bottom but not entirely eradicated the hint of Baileys and mince pies- although as I am helping out on three magazine shoots this week (yes! Count them! That is A LOT!!!) and then the gorgeous crew who were here at Christmas need to come back and reshoot Dame La Aga (she wasn’t at her best over Christmas, she churned out one too many mince pies) at least I am in keeping with the festive theme!

No.2 force much beleaguered husband into loft to fight mice and spiders and probably broody birds in order to retrieve Christmas decorations that he put right to the back of the loft because we wouldn’t need them for a other 3 make mince pies to ‘encourage’ loft ascension. No 4. Do NOT eat mince pies. Do not even look at them. No 5 Run away.

This is why I am hiding in the blossom, it’s much safer here!!

Happy don’t move Monday! X

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It’s cottage blog day!!!

Admittedly only in my tiny world...please don’t feel the pressure to rush to your laptop and begin blogging about beautiful cottages in order to celebrate the day.

Instead head to my website for the beat kept secret cottage in the universe. @janiecritchleyphotography is an amazing photographer (one day I will force her to capture my ethereal wafting) but due to lockdown was forced to turn her lens from people to her own home.

Thank goodness! Her cottage is unbelievably stunning, her sitting room is like this but on steroids - really beautiful English Country House steroids.

Pour a calming cup of tea, make sure you are sitting comfortably (I slightly got carried away with all her amazing photos and the history of the Old Forge Cottage) and indulge in a few minutes of sheer beauty and cottage beamy bliss. (Linkinbio).

Happy Cottage Blog surely it must be a real national day Sunday?! X

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The teensiest slice of blue sky?! I’LL TAKE IT!!

I am preserving the blossom through photos so was desperate to take this tea time cup of tea and a slice of blue sky shot. Mid shoot (the two minutes where it wasn’t raining/ grey/ skies and sun were covered by clouds at different times) my Ocado shop arrived. Naturally I scuttled inside as soon as I heard the van half way up the lane.

After attempting to normalise my appearance (wild hair that had been forced into a bun when wet so now loose stood out at exuberant right angles and the still obligatory it’s not lockdown anymore but they are so comforting joggers) I opened the door to a very puzzled delivery driver.

He wrenched his gaze from the table set for alfresco sunshine and warmth and gently laid the bags at my doorstep. He looked up at the remarkably dark sky then shuffled back to the van for more vittles. On his return he again looked at the table and then at the sky, perhaps three more times before returning for the last drop. With one final glance at the table he shuffled his way back to his van and drove slowly off.

Ah! I realised! It’s the blossom!! Of course! He can’t tear his eyes away from its beauty and is probably concerned for its welfare. Poor man, I expect he is already missing these precious petals.

Don’t worry Elvio in your lemon van, the blossoms are surviving this rain sodden weather.

Happy survival Saturday x

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Shards of sunshine.

Actually it was pretty full on sunshine but shards sounds more evocative. Be evoked ok?

I made hay whilst the sun shone...well I wafted in the garden, picked some pretty flowers and then threw my entire kitchen to the unseen side of this shot and happily took sunny snaps of a tidy and clean heart of the home.

Even the mystery dog likes this room. I still haven’t placed the owner as they hide, desperately embarrassed as their dog careers around our house. Unfortunately their walk coincides with us waving goodbye to our son as we stand at the door shivering but being loving parents. I think the dog rather liked the look of ma and pa waving at the door and came bounding up, heartlessly abandoning his owner and joyfully embracing his new home by happily bouncing muddy paw prints through the house.

I must thank our new faithless friend for forcing me to clean the house of his trail of happiness and intrigue “what’s this? Cow parsley inside?! Barmy! I like them! What’s this? A piano? Brilliant! What’s this? A unicorn? Oh a small girl covered in softness and unicorns - the dressing gown of mother’s nightmares and daughter’s dreams- a friend! A new friend! I love this house, I shall run round and roun...oh man, I hate this double harness, I get caught so easily. Ok, bye then new family, see you tomorrow!!!”.

I rather like having a surrogate dog, I may set up the camera and have full make up and cottagecore dress of joy on standby when he returns tomorrow. Quick snap, perfect family....apart from the Unicorn dressing gown of equal despair and deep joy.

Happy four legged friend Friday x

Ps for a floral Friday head over to my website to read @flowersandlifestylebymargot latest blog about mixed container gardening - what to plant, how and some sneaky tricks! (Linkinbio) x

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Ohhh it’s so very, very far from the house...oh I am so weary, toiling over my vegetable beds, how will I ever make it back for a drink? So...very...very....thirsty....cough!...exhaustion.....faint....teeny final coug....

...hang on! What’s this??? A stunningly gorgeous waxed canvas and leather seriously cool bag with thermal insulation that will keep say a bottle of Prosecco cold for very thirsty, toiling the land gardeners? Large enough for a blanket...probably some amuse bouche and perhaps some chocolate dipped strawberries in amongst an enormous picnic to keep the strength up?

And what else do we have here? A gardeners life saving pack? A canvas and leather gardening bag filled with pockets galore for every tool a fed up with trailing to and from shed to flowerbed to veg patch where on earth is my tiny trowel gardener may need all kept safely in one beautiful bag of glory???? “Oh sorry Mummy! I was using the trowel for some excavation work - I found another clay pipe” - “Wonderful darli..excavation work??? Where??? Actually no! Don’t tell me! I need a sit down and some sustenance. A glass of cool fizz should help my weary bones”. Pop.

“Mummy why are you sat on our veg bed? It’s too small for you and we weeded it last week?”....”Erm...because....well because my veg patch looks awful and it’s even further away. Now go and do some more excavating whilst I admire my gorgeous new bags from the beautiful @mylifeofriley run by five gorgeous ladies who are practically my neighbours and have sourced the most beautiful quality heritage pieces.

Thank you so much gorgeous Life Of Riley team - you have rescued a poor, exhausted tiny strawberry and pea patch gardener from total collapse.

Happy thirsty Thursday xxx

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I am all in for the blossom! We don’t have long! We must make the most of it!!! Hang it in paintings on walls, fill pitchers, jugs, vases with the precious petals and gaze angrily out of the window at the diminishing trees!!

The May/ March winds have coincided with me completing my couch to 5k. I can now run for 3.1 miles - I still haven’t worked out how to change my running app to kilometres and I know where I am with miles (one mile to the yoga tennis court barn with the scary dummy stood against the gate who always makes me jump, one and half to the light filled sprawling roofed house of my dreams, turn, return. 3 miles and countless blossom trees raining congratulations down upon me. Try not to gasp with mouth open at 2.5 miles, this will allow prime blossom wind tunnel to blow most of the trees colourful creations directly into mouth.

It’s a simple route fraught with petal led danger and how does it scare me every time dummies?!

Time to sit back and pick the blossom out of my hair whilst watching it scud past the window. My 3.1 miles has left me a little too tired to be furious.

Happy whirling petals Wednesday x

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Blossom, blossom, blossom.

Is that snow again? Nope...just blossom being ripped untimely from the trees and blasted into the lane of shivering cow parsley.

I might have become a little obsessive “There!!! Did you see that??? Another blossom fluctuation flying past the window!!!! Oh well! Well! That’s half the apples gone for this year!!!! What the point! I may as well sign up to some sort of weekly apple delivery service now!!!! There is no way these poor trees are going to bear any fruit!! There!!!! More blossom!!! Do you see????”.

My husband has developed a brilliant “oh no” tutting head shake that expresses his disappointment with the wind and sadness at the loss of so much blossom and summer apples whilst entirely ignoring me. I am pacified briefly simply because I am marvelling at a head shake that can emote so much - he did not go to drama school, he did not tread the boards, he did not star in a Channel 5 drama series that got pulled half way through because it was so awful....HOW! How has he done this??? Then I look out of the window and my tiny sparrow brain spots more blossom flurries and I am enraged and incensed all over again.

Unlike Lear I yell at the wind “Stop blowing! Stop cracking your cheeks!!! You are ruining my autumn Crumbles!!!” (I am sure if King Lear had thought about THIS he would not have encouraged the storm).

Happy twisting treacherous typhoon Tuesday X

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Spring has finally sprung! Woohoo! It’s only May so that’s pretty goo....never mind, mustn’t be churlish, it’s here and we had an entire day of sunshine..I mean the wind did get up and it felt more like Marc...but it was warm out of the wind and everything has gone bright green and colour is appearing as if by magic all over the garden!


I am not looking at the weather reports for the next week, they are simply absurd, I shall nurture this sunshine until there is an entire blanket of warmth over the garden (if it could lift the blanket and rain at night that would be excellent thank you best regards).

Although I have my positive pants on, I am slightly harbouring spring joy inside the house, just in case the rough winds do shake the darling bud...oh hang on!! OF MAY!!! Oh, it’s isn’t so unusual!!! Although maybe he meant the May tree? Well they blossomed last month. Arghhhh!!! What month is it? What should I be doing in the garden right now???

Perhaps it is best if it does rain, the garden will be happy and I can enjoy my spring blossom inside whilst working out which month we are in and attempting to accept this gamut of weather creations.

Happy there will probably be a mistral Monday xxx

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Hello! This looks fancier! This looks more thought about and cared for...this looks like it had been Gardenesqued!!!

Yes! Happy @gardendayuk !! The day to sit back, down your tools and enjoy the fruits of your gardening labour (Pimms, champagne and even Sauvignon Blanc all count).

The totally fabulous, jaw dropping @gardenesque_uk approached me to see if I wanted some pots...............”WANT SOME OF YOUR EXTRAORDINARY, STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL GARDECORE POTS?????” I softly whispered. “YES!!!!! YOUR COMPANY IS AMAZING!!! YOUR POTS ARE INCREDIBLE AND I WANT THEM IN MY I really love your key values: Discovery, Showcasing and Naturalism”.

Boom! All 3, all in 3 pots (oh and some incredible solar Edison lights as well). Given that it is #gardendayuk I have actually written a whole entire blogpost about this amazing company who took their ethos from the 18th Century Gardenesque movement. They are super cool, have just the most gorgeous garden products and they are really lovely and helpful too!

I have used the pots to create an evening relaxation area with plants that are heavily, headily scented at night - head over to my website for a read - it’s even got some historical gardening history in the blog today!!! (linkinbio)

If you are simply too excited by these enormous beauties (terracotta and salt glaze bliss) then head over to @gardenesque_uk and use code COTTAGE10 for 10% off all things garden wonderful.

Happy #gardendayuk everyone. I am not moving from here today!! X

Ad/ Paid partnership x

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I appear to have invited the sunshine to tea!

Well this is actually perfect. I will be strict: no tea or scones until you promise to be warmer. Nil by ray until you swear to scare off the arctic freeze and warm our poor heat deprived bodies, plants and ground.

This really is the limit, we have spent months shivering and being brave, we have blanketed our legs, slippered our feet and spent a fortune in heating oil, logs and cushions (everyone knows cushions keep you warm) oh and wine, that has helped. But enough is enough! You need to stand up for yourself, stop pooling on the table like a drippy rain cloud, get up! Heat up and burn some sky!!!!!

Now may I suggest you avoid the butter but can I pass you the jam? Come on sunshine!!! Buck up!!! Pull up your big girl pants and GET HOT.

If you are braving the garden this weekend for @gardendayuk on Sunday, head over to my website to read @flowersandlifestylebymargot latest blog on actually cutting the flowers that you have grown! When to cut them, the best method and how to care for them in the vase. (Linkinbio).

Happy Floral Friday x

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Du pain, du vin, du...tablecloth!!!!

Yes, I have retreated to Provence, it is far too cold in England so I am summoning the powers of one of the most beautiful places in the world to shine down upon this small corner and bring sunshine and warmth.

How can this genius plan fail? The sunniest, happiest tablecloth from the gorgeous Bonprovence has filled my garden with joyous sunshine - we are half way there, we just need actual WARMTH!!!!

Come on weather, you can do this, we know you worked very hard last year, but you have certainly had an excellently long sabbatical, now is the time to return, refreshed and ready to warm the earth...and me...please me...I want to actually sit here with real life people and not just force my family to enjoy this feast whilst shivering wildly. My son even suggested a game of badminton after supper yesterday but two thirds of his way into the baguette he realised that his teeth were chattering more quickly than he could consume the slightly hardened bread (it took me a while to get a glorious sunny shot of this heavenly happy filled with French gorgeousness tablecloth, the pain was a little photoshoot tired).

Pop over to this gorgeous company @bonprovence for some much needed sunshine and joy, cover your table with warmth if not your actual being.

Happy throw sunshine onto your table Thursday X

Ps, if you need something a little more warming than bread and cheese, head over to my website to read @lucyhoylecooks fantastic recipe for Laxpudding - a Swedish dish of Celeriac, Salmon and Potato Dauphinoise - utterly delicious xxx

Ad/PR product

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Sunshine!!!!!! Get outside, save the seedlings!!!

It’s freezing!!! Get back in, sorry seedlings!!

How am I continually fooled by this evil genius weather??? I can see the garden chairs and my “ahh looks like I forgot to tidy up again after another potting session” debris all over the garden. The BBQ cover is almost in the lane, cardboard boxes are being pressed up against the “not long for this world” rose trellis and yet still, STILL I see the sunshine, grab my gardening clogs and run full pelt into the icy, cutting bullying wind.

My husband says that it’s not that I forget things, it’s just that I don’t like the answer that I receive so I keep asking until it’s a yes - we will buy a wrought iron rose arbour to replace the not long for this world trellis; yes - we should buy more plants for the garden even though you insist on murdering them; yes- I can make you a wooden framed greenhouse that will withstand the furious winds at the bottom of the garden where not even cow parsley grows.

I personally just think that it is a positive mentality “of course the greenhouse will survive the deeper darkest recesses of the arctic bottom of the garden, of course the plants will live this time with no need for watering or care, of course the wind will have dropped and I will be able to sunbath...look after all the seedlings and new plants.

Oh well, better just sit inside and gaze at @emma.perring latest work that I have purloined until it sells. One rose that I actually can’t kill!

Happy wildly windy Wednesday. X

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Oh hi! You surprised me! Just here wafting inflagrante, you caught me mid act!

This is just how I roll most days, clad in @cabbages_and_roses heavenly finery, smiling in sunshine and wringing every second of beauty out of this poor little cherry tree, hoping that I can harness the bloom.

Ok, it took 57 attempts to capture this natural surprised look but I gather that my excellent wafting is currently gracing the pages of 25 Beautiful Homes Magazine (she utters airily as if magazine articles happen every day to such tablecloth wafters- Hereford Advertiser, Folkestone Advertiser, Dorset Living AND the Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser - all in the last month... is there simply no end to my cottage core dreams?? I felt it was time to actually put up a real life this is me photo. I definitely look like this all the time. Every day. Even after too much Rose wine the night before (bank holiday boo boo). Yes, the sun is absolutely definitely shining today as well. No wind or rain here. Nuh.Uhh.

I am off to waft to the Co-op now, hoping that they will have a copy of my wafting in full glossy glory.

Thank you gorgeous heavenly designs of dreams Cabbages and Roses for the most stunning dress, it actually made me twirl as soon as I slid it on. You create the most romantic clothes that make you feel like a heroine of romance and flowers (there are still some left in the sale if you are quick but don’t whatever you do look at their spring clothes, you will fall in love with every single piece and won’t rest until you have the entire collection of floral bliss).

Happy Twirly Tuesday xxx

Ad/PR Brigitte dress in Bloom Floral from Cabbages and Roses

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It was only a small amount of blossom carnage. Just a few tiny bottles of petals. I left the star of the show still glorying in her pinked splendour.

I think that I shall spend this extra bonus day in bank holiday pinked splendour. Ordinarily our school hosts a fun run - in 8 years of running/ organising and serving teas I have never found it ‘fun’ but it does raise much needed funds and I invariably return home with tired children, shed loads of cake and a pink nose (sunshine or sneaky wine I don’t know but it is always pink).
I shall honour this annual run with a ruddy good sit down, a cheeky read and a bottle of rose...all for a good cause...and reading is educational so I still have the school in my heart..just not my tired feet and achey brain. Woohoo!

Happy more cake Monday xxx

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It’s another ooh and ahh in your mind missing blossom shot. Today’s missing blossom is creamy white pear blossom overhanging the table. I think it might be an actual skill to photograph glorious blossom yet manage not to actually capture it in the photograph.

Perhaps I feel upstaged by the blossom? Perhaps in my deepest darkest psyche I know that I will never achieve this fresh bloom again (I think I managed a couple of days in 2004) and I am determined to suppress such fresh beauty like Snow White’s wicked Stepmother - oh lawks! I always pictured myself as Snow White with all the tiny birds fluttering to my dreamy singing voice, fawns gambolling to the back door (the muntjac has to stand in) and rabbits thumping their feet in joy (hares pooing all over the lawn is as close as we get) but now I realise that I am not the ingenue but the wicked stepmother. Argh!!!!!

I hate blossom.

I’m off to bitterly murder some cute animals.

Happy no more Snow White Sunday x

Ps no cottage blog today, I am having the weekend wreck revenge on youthful pretty things. Goodbye.

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Ohhh look at the glory and the majesty of the blossom can’t see it? LOOK HARDER! OK?!!!

I tried extremely very hard to create my “ooooh I can capture the fulsome pink blossom shining like a beacon of spring hope in the garden with a tiny taster of the precious petals in the dug up treasure medicine bottles”.

32 photos later and I fell to the floor in the depths of despair (actually I fell onto the boxes that still remained discarded and lobbed in the corner from my joyous “tidy” kitchen capture a couple of days ago. Thankfully they broke my fall and helped me to step away from the window.

Let’s think of it as a flash of ankle rather than a full frontal!!!

Happy less sauce Saturday x

#countryliving #periodhome

There she blows!!!! The pink ornamental cherry tree that now might actually be a crabapple tree has opened for one week of show stopping gloriousness!!!

Nothing will stop this stellar starlet from performing day in, day out, not just one show a day and a matinee on Saturday! Oh no! Not for her, this broad gives her all, this is the immersive blossom experience, there are no cheap seats here (although the deckchairs are kinder on aged knees than the blanket).

Roll up and enjoy this annual show, see her shimmy, admire her fronds and applaud this daring little tree for her colourful efforts...even if she can’t produce actual fruit or any sort of sustenance, she is food for the soul and nourishment for the eyes...and the don’t look up if you are lucky enough to get the deckchair seats.

For more garden nourishment head over to my website to read @flowersandlifestylebymargot wonderful new blog on border filling: Dahlias, Hydrangeas and Astrantia are all on the understudy list (yes! I managed another theatrical allusion)!!

Happy actually make it a short show - it’s still freezing Friday!! X


Oh hallo! Yes, just a simple TIDY kitchen on a simple, quiet and relaxed Thursday morning. Just sipping tea and listening to the birds...

Boom!! A win!!! I cleaned the kitchen the night before, I picked a select amount of blossom for the jug and let nature shine its beauty into my cottage...and slightly fell over the “tidied” items that I lobbed left of camera in order to capture this rural retreat in early morning sunshine.

I shall face this way with hand to left of face, shielding myself from the mess and pretend that I am an awesome brilliant domestic goddess for 5,4,3,2...cue children and chaos...goodbye almost goddess, it was wonderful being brilliant for 5 minutes, now I shall extract myself from the several lobbed boxes and stagger to La Aga to make the porridge - I managed a full half an hour of non stop running yesterday and consequently can’t really move but do feel extremely very smug.

Happy thoroughly exhausted Thursday! Xxx

#countrykitchen #mycountryhome #countryliving

Pear blossom and dangerous skies.

Ok...the sky isn’t particularly dangerous but there were moments of extreme threat and I actually managed to put in a solid afternoon’s gardening in extremis at the thought of rain a comin’.

It didn’t a come so I could have just sat back and enjoyed the occasional show of sunshine but it did mean that finally, finally the Dahlias have been potted up (last year’s lazy leave them in the ground Dahlias still haven’t made an appearance so I may have to accept that I have murdered these as well as all my precious Geraniums - Murder through Inertia - it doesn’t sound like a best selling Agatha Christie novel but it’s a real life plant tragedy).

If rain has hit already hit you then head over to my website (link in bio) to read @lucyhoylecooks brilliant brunch suggestion “Shakshuka” - a wonderful vegetarian one pot North African dish perfect for brunch or even just a delicious throw it all in simple supper.

Happy we will all chant “Good for the garden, good for the garden” Wednesday xxx

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