How To Create a Raised Bed Cutting Garden

A weekly guide to growing your own flowers

I have met many wonderful people in the magical world of Instagram and I shall be calling upon lots of them to help with this blog over the next few months. I thought I would start with Karen (@flowersandlifestylebymargot) who not only has a stunning garden but it also a florist and will be starting her own cutting garden. Last year I attempted to create a cutting garden and was fabulously successful at growing hollyhocks (they had self-set), a smattering of Poppies, the occasional Gladioli and a very generous helping of weeds. I decided to call in the experts so Karen will be here every week to guide us through creating a beautiful cutting garden with NO WEEDS.

Over to the expert so that she can introduce herself:

I should start by saying that I love flowers. They are important to me in so many ways and for me are a perfect way of showing someone you care, whether it’s in joyous times or times when there are no easy words to find. I give them throughout the year and always have them in my home. They bring me great joy and are my number one accessory so as a result, they feature a lot in my home and garden.  

It was this love for flowers that encouraged me to embark on a floristry course at the Cambridge Flower School. I’d been considering it for a while but it wasn’t until my husband kept asking me (in a slightly panicked voice) what I would like for Christmas that I considered enrolling. I had just completed my latest contract in the Financial Services sector where I had worked my whole life and I felt it was a perfect opportunity to bite the bullet and give something different a go. From this course in January 2019 Flowers and Lifestyle was born.  

I provide floral arrangements for the home and as gifts and am in the process of setting up a Pop up at my local train station. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, we find ourselves in, my floral bouquets and pop-up are on hold so my focus is now on my cut flower garden. Having spent the last year slowly building up my business it occurred to me that I wanted to become as self-sufficient as possible and grow my own cut flowers. I’ve always loved gardening but growing my own flowers is something very different and having never done this I know it’s going to be a very steep learning curve. I will be regularly popping on here to share my progress as well as what other jobs I’m doing in my garden. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and I look forward to talking with you along the way. 


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