Getting out in the garden

After a bit of a break from the garden, the time has come for me to get back out there. I had a good tidy up in November, clearing and pruning but there’s still plenty to do. Here’s a quick tour around my garden and some jobs I’m getting on with.

Hydrangeas are one of my all-time favourites and I love the structure they bring to the garden, even in their dormant winter state. I plan on planting even more of these in the Spring which I’m hoping will help prop up the existing ones when they are flowering.

Time to sow – This year I shall be attempting to grow sweet peas again. If you haven’t as yet sown any then don’t panic, there’s still time. They will need to be kept undercover but by doing it now you will get earlier flowers and hopefully more too. Sweet peas thrive with a long root run so deep pots or root trainers are ideal. 

A quick reminder on how to plant sweet peas – Fill the containers with compost, water lightly, then push a couple of seeds in about an inch below the surface and cover with newspaper. This last step will help keep moisture and warmth in and the light out. They should germinate in about 10 days after planting.  You can also start sowing hardy annuals and don’t forget that now is a great time to plant bare root roses as well as certain hedging and trees.

We’ve recently planted ten silver birch trees down the side of our hedge. We are hoping for some additional privacy and screening and also to add a little more interest to this part of the garden. The second part of the garden is still very much work in progress!

Darling Dahlias – Last year I did a blog on looking after dahlias once they had flowered (click here to read) and if (like me) you have lifted yours, now is the time to check them for signs of disease or rot. If you see any signs, just remove by cutting away.

Time for a quick tidy –

Time to venture out with your secateurs and give everything a quick tidy. Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Deadhead any winter bedding plants such as pansies to prolong flowering
  • Keep on top of the dreaded weeds. Yes, they will still be coming up and it’s a good idea to get on top of them.
  • If you have hellebores, then make sure you maximise these wonderful flowers by removing any large leaves to make their flowers more visible. 
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  • Prune your roses while they are still dormant. Make sure you remove any crossing or diseased branches and prune back. I always pop some mulch on too.
  • Spread a layer of compost around shrubs and along the base of hedges.

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