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My dream house would be pretty simple, nothing big or fancy

Christina and her husband Tony fell in love with this glorious cottage two years ago, their only problem was that the cottage had already sold. The couple loved the cottage so much that they still contacted the agent on the off chance that it would go back on the market or something similar would be available. The lucky couple were rewarded with a telephone call just one day later to say that the buyers had backed out and Tony and Christina had priority first viewing!

Cottagecore heaven! Units painted in Frenchic Alfresco ‘Cool Beans’ Ceiling light from B&Q

The area is beautiful, there are country walks for miles and the views are incredible, it’s true countryside living. People ride their horses down the lanes and you can find flower stalls outside houses and people selling their home-grown vegetables. There is a local pub and church but if you need a shop you’ll have to drive. 

Christina and Tony have made quite a few changes to the cottage. The cottage was built in 1883 and was used for farmers. They fell in love with the cottage straight away as well as the garden and of course the field views. The couple both loved all the wood and natural materials used inside.

Christina and Tony replaced the kitchen roof and added new skylights and “spruced up” the kitchen and the units. The windows throughout the cottage have been refurbished or replaced, and each room has been totally stripped out as they work their way round to complete decorating upstairs.

Country cottage necessities for Christina are lots of logs for the fire and tools to fix anything on hand: “If you live in an old cottage, you know what I mean!”. Christina doesn’t ascribe to a style as such, “I like rustic decor and collecting old things. There’s so much wood in the cottage so I like to keep it simple”. She was born in Athens but has spent the past 25 years in England, I suspect that this is what creates such a glorious interior – the couple have honoured the heritage of the cottage and highlighted the natural materials but there is a warmth and colour and style that lends itself to the Mediterranean.

Christina says that they did plan the decoration for some of the rooms but that they have mainly been adding to each room as they progress and as their obsession for car boot sales and market place finds increases!

Each space in this cottage has a feeling of nurture, of calming natural materials and of love and care, every area contains beautiful workmanship and huge attention to detail. Every beautifully curved doorway beckons you through, each room gives you a hug and soothes your eyes, providing beautiful objects to admire but all chosen with great care so that it all flows seamlessly from room to room.

Christina and Tony have found their dream home, they have created a wonderful rustic interior that calms and delights, this spring they will be turning their attentions to the garden. They have already been working on the exterior and have found lots of exciting treasures buried in the garden. There used to be a pub next door and a variety of local Norwich beer bottles and stone carafes from 1895 have been unearthed as well as lots of pottery, an old coal bucket and even some large animal bones that are possibly from a beloved horse.

Longstanding villagers have revealed that there is an old well buried in the front driveway which the couple are very excited to explore as well as making the most of their glorious views from their stunning cottage. This is a truly beautiful cottage that was absolutely definitely bought by the right people! Thank goodness the original buyers backed out!!!

Beautiful hammock from La Redoute

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