Escape To The Country Necessities

Our new Sitting Spiritually Swing of Dreams

When we first moved to this cottage we knew that there was a tick list of items that we would need to buy to achieve our country idyll.

Aga – tick. Logburner – tick. Large scrubbed pine table – tick (would prefer French oak refectory table but my our kitchen table has stuck by us for years so I couldn’t betray the poor love, especially not after a big move, it would have been too traumatic). Squishy sofas – tick (well, very old sofas but therefore squishy).

Our new and heavenly postman Steve told us almost as we rolled into the drive that we would need a new car: “Oh Reb, you wouldn’t believe the winters here, last year I had to park in a snow drift at the bottom of the lane and ski up to deliver the post”, this was closely followed by every neighbour, dog walker and horse rider who passed as they peered in to get a good view of the new owners, shaking their heads and smiling ruefully as they clocked my battered old Citroen “(teeth suck) You’ll be needing a 4×4 round here, we always get snowed in).

I still have my faithful stuck together with masking tape Citroen and I have only been unable to get out on a few occasions (thankfully my husband has a 4 wheel drive so we were able to dig the poor young locum vet out of the snow two years ago and get him to a colicky horse with the aid of some old carpet under his tyres (yes – I am still very smug “I told you we shouldn’t throw that old carpet away”).

There were also items that we needed for the garden and the very first thing we bought was a swing for the enormous walnut tree in the back garden. Since being a small girl with her hair entangled in a metal chained A framed swing, I have dreamed of a tree swing. There is something quintessentially ‘country cottage’ about a small person swinging their mightiest swing and trying to kick the leaves from the top of the tree. My husband refused to allow me to buy a solid hunk of oak gorgeousness swing “They will never play on it anyway and you will have to choose between the copper pans and a swing…” (What a bounder) Naturally the copper pans won as everyone knows that they are also a cottage prerequisite. I bought a very small swing from ebay and it has been played with almost every day that we have lived here (the copper pans have not!).

Sadly the small swings time was up (unlike the pine table that refuses to give way under my weight when I accidentally lean on it for a long time and allow me to buy an old french refectory table that seats 12), the wood had split and the nylon (I know – eugh!!! What a rotter my husband is…) ropes were worn away. Enter Sitting Spiritually with the swing of Dreams Come True. Ohhhh but this is every child (and Mummys) dream of a swing. It is so solid and so beautiful. It carries you like a Bear would lift a tiny flower (if bears had penchants for floral posies), it lifts you through the air and it truly does feel like flying. I am no longer terrified when my husband gives into “push me higher Daddy, I want to touch (well, actually my daughter says ‘kick’ but that’s not as dreamy) the sky”.

The children are over the moon (and almost the Walnut tree), legs and hair are flung in childish glee and it has brought back so many happy memories of my childhood (aside from the hair getting caught in the metal chain when spinning round and round). I remember hours and hours spent swinging wildly, trying to reach the clouds, swinging lazily in the heat of summer and scuffing the ground as I slowly came to a halt.

Autumn is a wonderful time to buy a swing, it becomes more difficult to ‘encourage’ the children outside yet a solid swing with thick, comfortable ropes swinging its way through yellowing and reddening leaves is really rather magical. This is a swing for all seasons and I know it will be played with for years and years to come.

As I mention in the blogpost that the beautiful people at Sitting Spiritually asked me to write for their website: “it’s a gorgeous chunk of oak that will safely fly my children on millions of magical adventures”. My husband was disappointed in my lack of imagination when choosing the inscription on the swing. “Don’t just have their names engraved on it! You are a writer! You love words! Surely it should say something about joy or freedom or escapism or something spiritual?” No, all I could think was that I wanted their names on this swing, it is the most beautiful swing that I have ever seen and it will last a lifetime, I want to watch my grandchildren sit on ‘Mummy and ‘Daddy’s swing’ and know that this gift of true joy will be passed on for many, many years.

Naturally this has led me onto needing my own swingseat. I have lusted after Sitting Spiritually seats for many years now, it’s not just that they are a small company that handcraft such beautiful designs but I think there is something about the fact that they are the only bespoke swing and bench makers that are licensed by The RHS that gives you such confidence and reassurance. Obviously I had to look at every seat (and – glory be- now swing beds!!!! Oh silk of joy!!) just to really do my research for their blog. Apologies if the below photos cause you to shop immediately for a swing bed, they are too beautiful not to include on here and in my garden!!! Husband? I need a swingseat please..actually..I am still suffering from home schooling trauma..I need a swinging daybed…” Imagine being able to take to your the garden…and sway peacefully as you snuggle up in cosy blankets and watch the birds migrate for the winter. Bliss and rapture!

For now I shall swing my little heart out on the children’s swing – yes: it is solid enough to accommodate a still munching her way through homeschooling hideousness memories mummy – and imagine myself gently swaying on a daybed of linen and blankets whilst reaching for my steaming mug of hot chocolate and saying Bon Voyage to the birds.

Thank you so very much Sitting Spiritually lovely people, we adore our swing of dreams. Click here to ogle their beautiful swing seats and read more about this gorgeous company who take such time and pride in their beautifully crafted swings.

To read the blogpost that I wrote for this scrumptious company just click here but prepare to drool and need a swingseat when you reach their website!

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