Digging up Dahlias and Planting Peonies

The garden is definitely going into hibernation mode,  as whilst I’m pruning, I’m not getting the bounce back of new growth like you do in the Summer months. This week, I’m focusing on starting to clear my cut flower garden and plant in preparation for Spring. 

Out with the old and in with the new

It’s getting close to having to lift my dahlias. You can buy fresh tubers every spring or use your own tubers that have been overwintered. Below is a quick step by step guide to how I do this.

  • Its best to lift dahlias when the foliage has been blackened by frost and I do this by cutting the stems back, to about 15cm and then gently lift them out with a fork. 
  • I then remove the soil off the tuber with my fingers and store upside down so that they can dry out.
  •  I usually leave them for a couple of weeks before popping them in a box with paper, leaving them in my garage, where it’s frost free and cool. 
  • I then leave until Spring, when ready to plant up.

Planting Peonies

  • Dig a hole for each Peony or corm.
  • Planting in Autumn is best as it gives their roots enough time to become established through winter, but be aware you may not get great flowers initially. They can unfortunately take a year or so.
  • All you need to do is pop them in the hole, leaving any shoots just below the soil surface, not too deep otherwise they won’t flower.
  • Add compost and that’s it, voila!

And finally

Don’t forget your early Spring bulbs. Daffodils are one of my favourites and such a sign that Spring is on its way, they are also a very much needed burst of colour our gardens need.

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