Creating an Autumn feel in your home

As we head into Autumn, I definitely notice a difference in the colours of flowers I use in my arrangements. I start to step away from the delicate, pastel colours of Summer and move towards the rich, vibrant colours of Autumn. If I had to choose my favourite Autumn flowers, it would be the hydrangea, dahlia, berries and grasses – don’t make me choose though! I love using them to create an Autumn feel that the months of October and November bring. Here’s a quick glance at how I’m currently starting to transition and bring that Autumn feel into my home.

Taking inspiration from the changing seasons

Where I can, I always try and use the hedgerows and my garden to influence my designs. At the moment it’s definitely all about the dried hydrangeas and I do seem to have them scattered in vases around my home. 

Accompanying the hydrangeas I have opted for rich Autumn colours. This arrangement in our snug (below) has definitely been inspired by the hedgerows and includes old mans beard, blackberry branches and is finished off with a few roses and thistles.

While flowers are my favourite accessory, I don’t have them in every room of the house, unless we’re hosting and then I do use it as an excuse to decorate the home with blooms. We do however, always have flowers in our snug, as it’s this room we retreat to in the evening. The arrangement, if going on the trunk will always be low (so I can see over it for TV viewing) and is usually small or alternatively I opt for something more simple, like a trio of bud vases. Remember, flower arranging doesn’t have to be about huge arrangements and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Look at what you can source from your garden or from the hedgerows through sensible foraging. I tend to find that this is a great way of creating a sustainable arrangements that also reflect the beauty of the changing landscape.

More formal, Autumn arrangements.

I’ve talked a lot about hydrangeas in my previous blogs and while I love using them in flower arrangements for my lounge, I also love using pampas grass. For me, it brings a wonderful Autumn feel and is a true reflection of all of the grasses out in the garden. The wonderful thing about pampas is you can go quite bold with your arrangements too.

For this arrangement I went bold, as it’s not going to impact any visibility, obviously I wouldn’t be adding it to the footstool as an arrangement! 

The beauty of pampas is that its dried,  great if like me you have recently returned off holiday and have not had time to buy any flowers. In this arrangement I’ve varied the lengths of the pampas to bring height, interest and depth. However, remember you can go more discreet and pop a few stems in a vase or just one in a bud vase. Go with what you like and what you feel works for your room. 

Another dried flower that I love to bring into the home is the allium. Now I absolutely love this Spring bulb and add more to my borders each year. I also love them just as much dried, so I always collect them after they have dried naturally. I highly recommend doing it as they are wonderful to add to arrangements or to have just on their own.
If you like this idea then remember now is the time to be purchasing allium bulbs, so they arrive or you have them in time for planting in October/November.

My advice for Autumn flower styling is to be inspired by the beauty of the ever changing Autumn landscape, this will help inject a little of the outside into your arrangements for your home. Also, use seasonal Autumn blooms to create that true Autumn touch. I’ve listed below just some of my favourites.

Chrysanthemum Dahlia Hydrangea Snowberry Pampas Cosmos Hypericom Rudbeckia Beech Virbunham Blackberry branches Hops

With love and stay safe, Flowers and Lifestyle by Margot –

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