Creating a Spring feel at Christmas

One of the things I love doing at Christmas is not only decorating my home with flowers and foliage but also creating arrangements with Spring bulbs. I always think there’s something so lovely about seeing them come to life in Spring, and just seeing the bulbs reminds me that my favourite season is just around the corner. There also is an abundance of them in garden centres and Supermarkets at the moment so it feels rude not to!

This week I’m going to be sharing how I put together this arrangement; it’s one of my favourites and one I do every year, just in time for the festive period. It also makes a rather fabulous gift.

Shopping list

  • Hyacinth bulbs – x6. I got mine from Waitrose as they frequently have them on offer
  • Narcissus – Bridal Crown as they are my favourite and quite dainty – x4 bulbs
  • Moss – Bag of
  • Containers of choice – Both mine are from the White Company
  • Supports – I trimmed some branches off my willow in the garden. I would definitely encourage you do similar to create a natural look
  • Cones
  • Oil of your choice – I used Fir tree from the White Company

The how to

Due to the type of container, I used (i.e. being a basket) my first step was to cover the base and side with a layer of jute. This will help protect the basket whilst also maintaining a natural look.

  • The next step was to pop in the container that will be housing the tubs and compost. It doesn’t matter what type of container you use as long as it’s waterproof (i.e. has no drainage holes) and also the height is at least the same height as the container that the hyacinths are in.
  • Now it’s time to plant up. I put the hyacinth tubs in the middle of the container and then started to add some potting compost around the sides. The idea is to pop your other small bulbs either side of the hyacinths so you have two varieties of bulbs flowering in the arrangement.
  • Once you have a good covering of compost down the sides I was ready to add the bulbs. These are placed evenly on the surface of the compost with their tips upright, then covered with more compost to the level of the height of the hyacinth bulb containers.
  • Hyacinths are also likely to need some support as they flower so I took snippets from one of my willow trees in the garden and added them around the bulbs.
  • I then disguised the soil and containers with moss. I used a bag of moss for this arrangement, and the amount you will need depends on the size of the container you use.

To finish off, I added some pine cones throughout the arrangement. This just add another texture and creates a lovely woodland feel to proceedings.

I also added a few drops of my favourite oil to the cones to create a wonderful fragrance. Keeping in with the spirit of Christmas, I’ve added Fir Tree by the White Company. The fragrance is amazing and really does create a festive scent. 

And finally

The beauty of this arrangement is that you can keep updating the hyacinths as and when they flower and die back, while you are waiting for the narcissus to flower. All you need to do is remove the bulbs from the two pots once flowered and have died back and refresh with new bulbs. 

A quick tip on hyacinths

Once flowered, remove the flower head as they start to fade and let the foliage die back naturally. Remember you are waiting for all that energy to return to the bulb. Once you have done this then you can transfer them to your garden , once the risk of frost has passed.

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