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Stunning Rose Linen Bedding gorgeously gifted from Bedfolk

I BELIEVE!!!! Hallelujah! I am converted! I LOVE AUTUMN!!! What a glorious season, a time to run carefree through leaves (well – maybe watch out for hedgehogs and fox poo…), a time to gather and harvest. A time to pull on cosy jumpers and plodge through puddles in wellies, returning home to warm up by La Aga and stuff faces with autumnal morsels (any fruit in cake and jam).

Hang on?! I thought you detested Autumn? That you would always stay true to summer? Where have the shorts and wafty linen and flipflops gone?

I threw them in the bin! Who needs these shiver inducing garments of torment? I HAVE ‘A KISS OF ROSE’ LINEN BEDDING FROM BEDFOLK (ok – it it’s just simply and beautifully called ‘Rose’ but it feels like a kiss of rose ok?) who might actually be the coolest bedding purveyors in the land. It is soooooo soft and soooooooooo beautiful. I now ‘slip’ into bed, I no longer collapse, groaning and oofing, complaining of a various maladies. No, I glide (occasionally stumble thanks to the ever sloping 400 year old oak floorboards complete with gaps, ouchy 400 year old protruding nails and definitely not because of wine) and then slide elegantly between these soft drapey sheets of restful bliss.

I left London 15 years ago to move to the Countryside but it wasn’t until we moved to this 400 year old thatched cottage in the middle of nowhere that the seasons really began to shout at me. I walk outside and smell the change in the air (not just the muck spreading or the cows desperate to be milked in the morning), I play spot the difference every day and our house adapts to the movement of the year. In winter the house shuts up shop, doors are locked, the thatch descends and the log burner is lit; we hunker down and gaze at the bare fields for the two hours that there is light. In spring I gather daffodils and bluebells and smile at the return of the birds, the sun warms the house and fresh air creeps through the timbers to awaken our slumbering family (draughty very fresh -cold -air). In summer we inhale the scent of the thatch warmed by the beautiful sunshine, we run through the long grass (ok – the children do), and sit in our garden watching the long shadows descending late into the night.

In Autumn we begin the process of hunkering down, apples, pears, damsons and blackberries are collected for jamming and preserving. Rosehips and teasels, hydrangeas and lavender as well as eighty two thousand five hundred and seventy very important conkers are collected and stored. Wellies reappear and bonfires are lit. The house closes around us and we prepare to cosy up for the winter months.

That is why this bedding is so very special: it is soft and enveloping. It looks utterly beautiful, brings a glow to our tendency to cold bedroom (the wind joyously rattling the single pane glass) though without disrupting the calm and restful greys and blues that I chose for our escape room…sorry… bedroom.

Bedfolk simply state: “Ridiculously Comfortable Bedding” – crikey! They are not wrong, it truly is blissful but they also mention “ethically made and honestly priced”. Frankly they had me at ‘comfortable’ but add in my increasing guilt over how products are made and manufactured and this ticks every single box (and it looks really, really, really beautiful…oh I’m so shallow) oh and it is a stupidly romantic story with a ridiculously young couple who actually spent their honeymoon sourcing the softest and kindest linen in Europe and I was absolutely on board (in my very soft, super cosy, bring it on Autumn bed). Oh and it comes in the sweetest linen bag that is reusable and friend impressible and no plastic in sight.Glory Be!

Next on my Get Through Winter List is their stunning just launched Cotton Quilt “Designed to hug your bed” and create an “I am sleeping in a cloud” feeling- er yes please!!!

For now I have whole heartedly embraced Autumn. Night night. Thank you Bedfolk – I will sleep tight…until Spring…or school drop off tomorrow. Happy Cosy Autumn Days and restful snuggly nights. X

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