Beating the January Blues

I must admit I often find the first week in January a little ‘sluggish’. It’s back to being woken by the alarm clock and with the Christmas decorations coming down everything can feel a little bleak. One thing I like to do to help ‘banish the blues’ is to give the house a post-Christmas spring clean and replace the Christmas decorations with Spring bulbs and greenery.

Beating those January Blues

Here are some of my top tips on how you can use flowers and greenery to beat those January blues.

Time to Upcycle

If you had a real garland or wreath over Christmas, don’t throw it out just yet. Remove any greenery that may still be going strong and add it to floral arrangements or bud vases and scatter around the house. I find little touches of greenery really helps bring a room to life, there’s something about adding a living element that helps finish a room and add texture and colour.

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Do also be mindful on how you dispose of wreaths and greenery. I tend to leave my wreaths out for as long as possible, usually by hanging them on a tree so the birds can help themselves to the contents for nesting materials when the breeding season starts in February.

Time for lots of Blooms

This will most probably come as no surprise, but flowers make me rather happy and I recently read that people with flowers or plants in their home are less likely to feel worried or anxious.. It’s also been suggested that greenery and flowers can boost your mood. I don’t know about you but getting out in my garden or going for a walk always helps me to unwind and de-stress, and I find bringing the outdoors does just this too. As a result, I always add greenery to places I want to feel relaxed, from the bedside table, to my bathroom and sitting room.

Eucalyptus, my favourite foliage. I love it on its own or accompanying flowers in a bouquet but have you tried it in the shower? If not, give it a go as it releases an amazing scent which can really help clear your nose and head – a bathroom essential if you’re suffering from a cold.

Don’t forget the power of colour. This week I’ve purposefully gone for lots of calming colours like green, whites and very soft pinks, but if you feel you need an energy boost then why not go for a bolder colour?  It really does help inject some energy into a room!

I’ve had lots of conversations on Instagram about Spring and how it feels so needed at the moment. Spring bulbs and flowers are starting to appear in the shops so why not buy some tulips or plant some hyacinths for indoors and just see how they lift your spirits. Also, they’re a lovely reminder that Spring is just around the corner.

And for anyone who needs a boost, remember Spring never skips its turn. Bulbs will bloom once again!

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