Are You Sitting Comfortably Santa Montefiore? With The Braided Rug Company

Yes! Another exclusive massive best selling super famous extraordinary writer whose books I have devoured with extreme joy for many years…THE Santa Montefiore. Rebecca F and I will be interviewing her about her new book “Wait for Me” actually, in real life…well..real Instagram Live life!

Our sponsors this month are the perfect pairing having just released their new summer collection of Beni Tote bags with which to pop in Santa’s new book, add perhaps a dash of Rosé, a smidgeon of baguette and a munching of strawberries and you have the perfect beach picnic recipe.

The Braided Rug Company was started by Stephen and Victoria David in 2001, “just my parents, a note pad, telephone and the post office”!! The business grew quickly as people fell in love with their designs and the world began to consider the environmental impact of products and move towards natural and sustainable materials. Their daughter Hattie joined them last year and has helped to gently ease the business into the modern world of internet and social media commerce amassing an even bigger following of planet friendly customers with an eye and heart for beautiful sustainable design”.

I actually think if my Dad had his way, it would still all be done on a pad of paper…!

The family working on new designs in Bangladesh

Their small mail order business in Wales, started by selling American Braided Rugs by phone. These beautiful traditional plaited rag rug designs were a huge hit and still sell fabulously well today.

The original Capel plaited rag rug made in The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina


In 2011 the family started producing their own rug designs in Bangladesh. Hattie’s mother designs the glorious new patterns, and the family work very closely with their production team throughout the year.

The production team are incredible, they can literally make anything!!


It started as just rugs, but quickly moved into utility baskets, placemats and tableware and their newest design of jute tote bags which have proved incredibly popular! With over 300 wholesale customers – lots of small independent shops and some bigger names as well, with sales also directly from them online and their own shop in Aberdovey on the west coast of Wales, what started as a tiny business in Wales has grown into a family legacy worthy of a Santa Montefiore novel.

Are You Sitting Comfortably is back and goodness me, have Rebecca L and I got a cracker of a guest (and book, of course) for you.


Internationally bestselling author Santa Montefiore’s aspirations of being a writer go back to her school days and making up stories for her friends at boarding school.  Fast forward a few years and Santa is a Sunday Times bestselling author many times over, has sold over six million copies of her novels worldwide and her books have been translated into twenty-five languages.  Having written and published a novel every year since 2001, her first novel, Meet Me Under the Ombu Tree, was inspired by her first trip to Argentina and her bestselling titles include The House by the SeaSongs of Love and WarThe Last Secret of the Deverills and The Temptation of Gracie. She has also co-authored the Royal Rabbits of London series with her husband, historian and author Simon Sebag-Montefiore.  From sweeping tales of love and adventure and epic family sagas weaving stories of heartbreak, passion and self-discovery into past and present, Santa is the queen of romance novels.


Wait for me – I will come back:

Only wait….and wait

Wait though rainclouds louring black

Make you desolate;

Wait though winter snowstorms whirl,

Wait though summer’s hot;

Wait though no one else will wait

And the past forgot;’


Based on the true story of a family friend, her latest novel, Wait For Me, transports the reader from Cornwall in 1944 to London, 1988 and Melbourne in 1995.  Rupert Dash is declared missing, presumed dead during the Battle of Arnhem, leaving his wife, Florence, utterly devastated.  Unable to accept that her love is gone, when she finds a poem hidden within an old book, she is convinced that it’s a sign from Rupert and a promise that he will return to her.


In late 80s London, Max is haunted by a recurring nightmare he has had since childhood.  Time after time, the dream ends with him awaking in terror, his heart pounding from the horror of the battlefield.  Desperate to find answers, Max embarks on a journey that leads him to Cornwall and a man named Rupert Dash.


Melbourne, 1995

When Florence receives a letter from the other side of the world from someone she has never met, she begins to wonder if the stranger who has contacted her, could be the one person she’s been waiting for.  


Wait For Me is unmistakably Santa. It’s emotionally charged, poignant and explores spiritualism – a theme which is close to Santa’s heart. Separated by war, reunited by love – will Florence and Rupert meet again?

Thank you to The Braided Rug Company for sponsoring this month’s Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Wednesday 12th July 1030 am Live on Instagram with Rebecca Fletcher, Rebecca Lovatt and Sunday Times best selling author Santa Montefiore. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! X

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