About Me

When I started my Instagram account three years ago,  I didn’t even understand the app, let alone expect to so quickly amass a gorgeous following of like minded country cottage loving friends who enjoy a cup of tea by the Aga and stories about daily life in a crumbly old farmhouse in the countryside.

My brilliant plan was to start ‘something to do with interiors’ so that when my children abandoned me and I was left a sobbing mess, rocking hysterically by the Aga and knocking back the gin, I would at least have a base to start to rule my own life again and create a ‘wonderful new excellent sparkly career’.

Pre-children, I was a fabulously unsuccessful actress who also wrote comedy sketches (I was one of the first writers to collaborate with Stephen Merchant pre-‘The Office’, I’m still not entirely sure how I am living in a 400 year old cottage surrounded by children and mud and he is lounging by a pool in Hollywood…(That’s what they all do when they become successful, oh and drink Pina Coladas).

I gracefully (gratefully) bowed out of my unshiny career to create a home and family on the Cambridgeshire/ Essex/ Suffolk borders ( I couldn’t even pick a county let alone a new career). My children are now 13 and 10 and thanks to the success of my Instagram page and the subsequent magazine articles and interviews (radio and television) I have been brave enough to start helping friends with their interiors projects, as well as finding my writing fingers again (bit like sea legs).

This blog is an extension of my feed, adding more interiors and design ideas as well as articles about our extremely slow-paced (mainly because my children do not understand the sentence ‘We are VERY LATE’) family life in the countryside. As well as monthly book recommendations to justify my obsessive reading compulsion.

I tend to draw upon my classical training and experience of theatre and television productions to help clients design and style their own homes as well as continuing to work on our very old thatched cottage. I have a traditional English Country Cottage aesthetic using florals, old books, textured layers, cosy sofas, patterns and rugs to create a warm, inviting home.

Please, step inside, don’t bother to wipe your feet, it’s already muddy…